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Meet the Man in the Shorts Collin Tate!

CollinTateSlideMeet the Man in the Shorts Collin Tate who recently took home a big first place trophy in the MP Division!

Q: Congrats on a great showing! What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

A: To take my fitness lifestyle to the next level!


IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men's Physique Results and Pictures

phoenixcomparison2014Just like the weekend prior, there were two IFBB Men’s Physique Pro shows this past weekend. The report on Dayana Cadeau Classic show has already been posted here on RXMUSCLE so chances are good you have already had a chance to review the stage pics and check out the quality of competition. At the same as the time as the men hit the stage at the Dayana Cadeau show nearly 20 more IFBB PRO MP Competitors took to the stage in Phoenix, AZ.


2014 Dayana Cadeau Classic IFBB Men's Physique Top 3 and Pics

DayanaCadeau2014SlideThe Top 3 results are in for the IFBB Men’s Physique Division at the 2014 Dayana Cadeau Classic. First place with to Anton Antipov as he solidified his spot at the 2015 Olympia. Matt Acton pulled in second coming off of a very recent win while Denis Gusev grabbed the third spot. Eighteen men took to the stage in Coral Springs, Florida to battle it out in this hard fought competition.


Why Physique Competitors Should Train Legs

TumaLegArticleSlideIt’s time to talk about something that some Physique athletes have been rumored to avoid – leg day. Some competitive fitness athletes think it’s unnecessary to train legs since they aren’t directly judged during the spectating. However, legs still are a big part of your overall physique. If you have worked hard to develop your upper body, you don’t want to give up on your lower half and look out of balance. If you look at many of the top IFBB professionals, you will see that nearly all of the best go out of their way to train legs with just as much intensity as they do any other body part.


Men's Physique Results Ft Lauderdale and Titan's Grand Prix

ftLauderdaleComparison2014It seems that every day I’m saying that the Men’s Physique Division is growing by leaps and bounds. Today is no different. It is now becoming commonplace to have Men’s Physique Pro shows taking place in multiple locations in the USA simultaneously. This weekend was another such weekend. Just weeks after the 2014 Olympia, IFBB Men’s Physique competitors on both sides of the country and everywhere in between flocked to either coast to start on their chase of the 2015 Olympia stage. On the east side of the US we had the Ft. Lauderdale Cup taking place Florida. In the west the Titan’s Grand Prix was a hit.


Post Workout Banana Bread Muffin

BananaMuffinSlideRecently I have been experimenting with my post workout meals. Knowing my macro break down I have come up with a recipe for Banana Bread Muffins.


Total Back: Development and Strength!

duanebackarticleBack development and strength is crucial in any type of physique competition, as well as life in general. With that being said, you need to focus on both thickness and width in your back when training. There is constant focus given on creating that great v-taper, but you also have to make sure that your physique does not disappear when you turn to the side, and that there is detail, and not just width from the back. Also, from a functional standpoint, many people suffer from lower back pain. Strengthening those muscles while using proper form to prevent injury can help alleviate that issue. Here is a workout that should help put focus on both.


5 Tips for Maximizing Your Showtime

thomasmurphyWhile traveling to compete in Physique shows across the country, I've learned a few things about maximizing my time spent for the weekend.

1. NETWORK – Introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Take photos with your fellow competitors. Get social media going, especially Facebook / Instagram. You would be surprised at how small this world is. I run into some of the same people all over the country.


The “If It Fits Your Macros” Trend

IIFYMslideYou have probably heard about the “If It Fits Your Macros” (or IIFYM) trend which has been increasing in popularity within the fitness and bodybuilding world. It’s not surprising that the concept was embraced and developed by people within the industry who were sick and tired of adhering to monotonous, restrictive meal plans in which the vast majority of foods were labeled as evil and forbidden. On a personal note, I jumped on the IIFYM bandwagon as well because I was fed up with avoiding certain so-called “bad” foods and also dealing with metabolic burnout from years of caloric restriction. What surprised me was the positive manner in which my body responded to taking in maintenance calories as opposed to constantly functioning at a caloric deficit which only served to slow down my metabolism.


What Happened to the Camaraderie?

TImStaggsComparisons2011Many thoughts crossed my mind watching the Olympia this weekend. Great competitors with incredible physiques, upsets, questionable calls, well deserved victories, and what happened to the camaraderie?


Cavegirl Pumpkin Sweet Mash!


sweetpotatoSo I was in the middle of prepping my pre/post workout meals and an idea came to me. I always eat the same sweet potato recipe and haven't changed it... until now! Thanks to my sponsors Ali's All Natural and Cavegirl Confections, I was able to add some major flavor into the mix! Below is how to make my latest creation...


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