5 Tips for Maximizing Your Showtime


thomasmurphyWhile traveling to compete in Physique shows across the country, I've learned a few things about maximizing my time spent for the weekend.

1. NETWORK – Introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Take photos with your fellow competitors. Get social media going, especially Facebook / Instagram. You would be surprised at how small this world is. I run into some of the same people all over the country.

Talk with the judges and get feedback if possible. It is very important for these judges to recognize your face so that the next time you are competing you are more likely to catch their attention.

2. EXPLORE – Adventure out to new places and check out the town. I love flying to new places and I really enjoy meeting new people and doing something or seeing something I never have before. Restaurants are a good place to start. 

Ask the cab drivers and concierge for ideas. Get on Yelp and see what’s around you. Staying at the Host Hotel is worth the extra money I think so you are right in the mix.

3. PHOTOSHOOT – Try to arrange a photoshoot as close to your competition date as possible. Book a well known photographer if you don’t already have something lined up. Get some shots done and capture your conditioning while you are still dry and lean from the show. This is what I look forward to the most about these trips!

4. Go “Trick or Treating” with the supplement reps at the show :-) – Get some free samples and try some new products out. This is a good place to network and possibly secure a future sponsorship.

5. PRACTICE YOUR POSING – ahead of time! I manage to get my conditioning in just great by doing 2-a-days about 3-4 weeks out from a competition and by really reducing my calories. What I need to be doing is practicing my posing more often before my next show though. I have found this to be the biggest factor in winning these shows.

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