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New Men's Physique Pro's and Stage Pics from 2014 Nationals

Nationals2014SlideThis past weekend marked the fourth year that the Men’s Physique graced the stage at the NPC Nationals with a slew of men looking to earn their pro card. The first year was back in 2011. Then they only had three height classes. I remember in my height class alone that year there were over 70 guys shooting for that top spot. In 2012 they split the heights into six groups and I was fortunate enough to earn my card in a more moderate sized E class. These same six height classes remain today and the level of competition in each is as strong as ever.


Daily Supplement Routine for Joint and Connective Tissue Health

supplementPlanIf you listened to PHYSIQUE STAR RADIO last week with Ian Lauer and myself on 11.13.14 you now fully understand the importance of connective tissue and joint health in your training endeavors.  With that new found knowledge, you should be intrigued and chomping at the bit for a supplement routine designed to optimize both.  Well, wait no longer!  Here’s a sample daily routine to improve your joint and connective tissue health.


Kettlebells for Variety!

KettlebellSlideI’m always looking for new ways to provide an additional variety to my workouts. Recently, I have started to add kettlebells into the mix when doing traditional moves to add a different challenge.  I find that swapping out a dumbbell for a kettlebell really forces additional work on my entire body, but especially my core (primarily with one arm movements) and my forearms (depending on the grip).


Felicia Romero Pro Men's Physique Results

FeliciaRomero2014SlideThis weekend marked the first time ever for the Felicia Romero Pro show which featuring both Men's Physique and Women's Figure Pro's. There was a solid turnout as 26 MP competitors from all over the nation headed to Arizona to hit the stage as the 2014 season winds to a close. Rodney Razor solidified his spot on the 2015 Olympia stage with the win.


Preparing for a Show: Things All Physique Athletes Should Know

InjurySlideWhat would be the most detrimental thing to your performance in a physique competition? If you take a second to think about it, the answer is quite simple. The single most dangerous aspect that could prevent you from ranking among the best of the best in your competition is injury. If you manage to injure yourself during the process of preparing for a show, it will greatly impact your ability to work up to your potential.


Are You A Sponsored Athlete, Or An Unpaid Salesperson?

SponsorshipSlideMost sports supplement companies and other fitness related companies aggressively promote their products through athletes who can sing the praises of their benefits.  Who could be better at describing the efficacy of a product and how it enhances training or recovery than an athlete who not only already uses those types of products, but someone who has a following and who can convince new customers to purchase from the company which they represent?


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