V Taper Tips for Your Trimmer Waistline!


taperIf you’re a physique competitor or aspiring competitor, you know that the ideal physique is one with proper proportions. Most important is getting a small waist, wide lats, and round shoulders. This gives the ever sought after “V” taper that we all strive to get.

It seems that some people have a genetic gift in this area. No matter what they do, their waist will always be small. Where others, me included, have to change the way we train to get our waist to trim down.

Here are some tips that I have used to help me continue to add size to my physique while keeping my waist size down.

  1. Own a lifting belt. If you don’t have one already, get one! A belt will help keep your core tight and help to take the use of your obliques out of the equation. I wear mine every time I train except when I am doing abdominal work.
  2. Choose between squats or deadlifts. Big and heavy compound exercises work your core in its entirety, this includes the obliques. As we know, Men’s Physique Division (MPD) is constantly ridiculed for people not training legs. During your training program, pick one or the other to work on. After a month or so, switch it up. There are plenty of other leg exercises out there that will develop legs.
  3. Twisting abdominal exercises should be limited. Again, same with legs… doesn’t mean stop doing them completely, but doing 10 sets of 10 reps multiple times a week will not do you any favors.
  4. Don’t do oblique exercises. The larger they are, the larger your waist will appear. I see people all the time doing side bends either standing up straight with a dumbbell or a cable, or using the back extension machine. Simply put, don’t do these exercises.
  5. If you have a desk job, sit up straight. Think posture all the time. At my office I have a note taped to my computer screen that reminds me to sit up straight. Plus, your chiropractor will thank you.

Another great resource for more information is checking out Physique Star Radio from July 31, 2014. Ian Lauer and Jay Hall have a great discussion on the topic.

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