Giants Live in Back in Budapest, June 22.


Giants Live are back in Hungary


Giants Live are back at Aquaworld in Budapest the weekend of the 22nd of June. The returning champion Akos Nagy will be taking on a host of top internationalists including Mike Burke from the USA and Ed Hall of England. The athletes are to be treated to a fairly special weekend. Not only is the Ramada Aquaworld resort one of Hungary's finest holiday locations but the athletes will be treated to a special visit to the Hungarian Parlaiment hosted by Mr Gabor Balogh, Advisor of the Prime Minister on Sport Relations and Policy. Mr Balogh is himself a multiple World Champion and Olympic medallist in Modern Pentathlon. This rare honour has been kindly created by the Hungarian Tourist Board.

As ever the top three gain qualification to the The World's Strongest Man contest which is in late August in Sanya, China.

1- Michael Burke - USA

2- Tomi Lotta - Finland

3- Alex Curletto - Italy

4- Ed Hall - England

5- Marc V.D. Haer - South Africa

6- Bjorn Solvang - Norway

7- Dimitri Savatinov - Bulgarian

8- Tamas Hajnal - Hungary

9 - Nagy Ákos- Hungary

10 - Sergi Romanchuk - Ukraine

Reserve: Alen Radosevic - Serbia

Referee team - Svend Karlsen and Darren Sadler


1. Bus Pull

2. Viking press - 150kg

3. Frame carry 340kg 2x20m

4. Weight for height - 25kgs

5. Car deadlift - 350kg

6. Medley

Photograph of Akos Nagy winning in 2012

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