IFBB Pro Douglas Fruchey Unexpectedly Passes at 36 Years Old

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The bodybuilding community suffered another devastating loss this weekend following the tragic and untimely passing of IFBB Pro Douglas Fruchey. The news of Fruchey’s death was announced first by long-time friend Brad Rowe, who released a heartfelt statement on Instagram:

“Doug was a client, a peer, and a friend for almost a decade. He was a caring and humble human. Always seeking knowledge, always sharing his whenever he could, and always genuinely interested in how you were doing. Men—you are not alone. You are not a burden. You are enough. You are loved.”

Shortly after Rowe’s announcement, the news was confirmed by Fruchey’s wife, IFBB Carli:

“Rest peacefully my sweet Moosey…”


While the news of Fruchey’s passing at just 36 years old came as a major shock to his friends and fans throughout the bodybuilding community, he was incredibly open about his past struggles with various personal issues, including drug addiction, but often cited his pursuit of bodybuilding as a saving grace that helped to give him passion and purpose while he was in his darkest moments.

On the stage, Fruchey’s bodybuilding career was highlighted by his win at the 2021 Mexico Supershow; but his greatest impact on the world of bodybuilding came away from the stage, where he was known as a loving husband, loyal friend, and dedicated trainer who helped to inspire thousands of people across the world through sharing his story.

“The world is going to miss Big Doug. I really love that guy. If anyone wants a look into his life and who he was, look for the bodybuilding episode of Soft White Underbelly. His episode was fantastic. RIP Big Doug.” – Chris Bell

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