Nick Walker Leads the Charge For Epic New York Pro Lineup

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After weeks of build up, in less than forty-eight hours some of the biggest stars in bodybuilding are set to collide for, what could be, one of the most important shows of the 2024 contest season at the New York Pro.

This year’s lineup is headlined by huge names, including former New York Pro champion, Nick Walker, who will be competing for the first time since he was forced to pull out of the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest following a devastating last minute hamstring injury. In typical Nick Walker fashion, the form he displayed at last weekend’s guest posing appearance at the Pittsburgh Pro seemed to generate a wide spectrum of opinions about whether he’s back on the path to reestablishing himself as a top five bodybuilder in the world, or if those days are a thing of the past given the changes we’ve seen in his physique over the past few years.

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Martin Fitzwater, who joined Walker as one of the featured guest posers at the Pittsburgh Pro, also figures to be a big factor in the equation at this weekend's contest. His win at the Detroit Pro earlier this year earned him a well-deserved qualification for the Mr. Olympia and, if he puts together a strong showing against a much deeper lineup in New York, he could position himself to be a potential top ten contender later in the year.

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Despite the recent attention on Walker and Fitzwater, it’s 2023 New York Pro champion, Tonio Burton, who’s heading into the weekend as the clear favorite. The updates released from Burton’s camp less than a week ago showcased the best combination of size, conditioning, and his trademark shape that we’ve seen yet; and the early reports from sources close to Burton’s camp indicated that he’s hellbent on proving that last season’s win was only scratching the surface of what he’s capable of.

Last year’s runner up finisher, “Beef” Stu Sutherland also looks like he’ll be a force to be reckoned with in his season debut. Despite finishing behind Burton in last year's contest, Sutherland may have been the New York Pro’s breakout star in 2023. Last year’s best in class conditioning was nearly good enough to help him bring home the win and, with another full offseason under his belt, Sutherland might be poised to emerge as the talk of the weekend once again if he’s able to pull off the upset.

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There are also a handful of wildcards who have the potential to make a big impact as potential top three contenders here, including Quinton Eriya, who’s set to make his first appearance on an IFBB stage since the 2022 contest season. Pound-for-pound, Eriya may be one of the most genetically gifted bodybuilders in the Open division and, after taking a one  year layoff to concentrate on adding size to fill out his massive frame, he could make a major splash in his return. Along with Eriya, German standouts Tim Budesheim and Emir Omeragic are both coming in riding a wave of preshow momentum that could carry them into the top five if they hit the ground running at the prejudging.

Historically, the New York Pro has been a huge platform that has elevated bodybuilders like Nick Walker and Tonio Burton to have major success later in the season, and this year’s contest figures to be no different.

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