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Strength Articles

An EvilGenius Critique of Robert Oberst’s article “Deadlifts for Athletes?”

chavez-250x166As I said in the opening article "I DO HAVE AN AGENDA" the purpose of this forum is to offer level-headed, objective (at least as much as possible) review of published works from the world of strength and athletics. So here we go! This week's (and very first) offering is a piece by Strongman Robert Oberst titled "Deadlifts for Athletes?"


Make Your Own Atlas Stones!

brewer-250x166Here we go! So excited to write my first article for Rx Muscle! I'm grateful for the opportunity and I hope this article adds to your repertoire of skills needed to get STRONG.

I get asked this question all the time:

"I want to train Atlas Stones like a Strongman but I can't afford expensive pre-made molds and I don't have space or materials to make them. I also can't justify paying membership for a Crossfit Box just to train that one event. WHAT DO I DO??"


Young and Professional

“The key to stay on top of things is to treat eveyoungrything like it’s your first project, like it’s your first day as an intern, and stay humble”. Notorious Big had said that in the intro to Jay Z’s “My 1st Song” and when I heard this song the other day, it made me think. There are a lot of great young strength coaches, trainers and so on now. But there is also a large wave of new trainers who have already figured it all out and are experts in their field.


WHY YOU SUCK AT STRONGMAN! – A Blast from the Cannon

’ve beesuckn lifting weights since I was in middle school, and I started competing in strongman when I got to college. Five years and two national championships later, I can still openly admit I don’t have all the answers. I know, what a shocker. If you asked me years ago I would have said “I have no idea what the f*** I’m doing” and it would’ve been true. Thankfully, I had some really experienced and smart people around me.


I Have An Agenda: So Let’s Get Started!

In an age when commuagenication is easier than ever, people seem more afraid of meaningful dialog than ever before! Not a day goes by that I don't find myself reading some training or diet article that has at least one or two points i find questionable or in need of clarification. Not in always in a "negative" of hurtful kind of way just in a "I don't agree with that" or "I don't understand your point" kind of way! I admit that i am more than a little over the top when it comes to being direct and specific but if someone is willing to post their work in a public forum should they expect / welcome dialog?


The Tipping Point: Anterior Pelvic Tilts


Not many people know wtilthat a pelvic tilt is, or how it’s developed! In fact, it is a maleficent player in faulty body mechanics, instability and deficient posture and can stem (or be stemmed from) other musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. The origination of pelvic tilting can come from our everyday activities and postures which we hold for a sustained period of time. On the other hand, Pelvic tilting can come from other pre-existing structural or mechanical pathologies. There are two types of tilting – posterior and anterior; for this articles purpose Anterior Pelvic Tilting will be reviewed in depth – and it will focus on correction of the tilt, while exposing underlying issues contributing.


A College Kids Journey to an “Unattainable” Dream Rob Kearney!

Being a 22 year olcolleged collegiate STRENGTH athlete is different from most other “normal” collegiate athletes. “Normal” athletes lift weights to get better at their sport, but lifting IS my sport. This is a foreign concept amongst most college campuses, but luckily Springfield College welcomed my passion with open arms. I have been a part of a group of guys and girls who love lifting weights and being the strongest they can possibly be. Throughout my 6 years at Springfield College (undergrad and grad) I have gone through many coaches, gotten tons of advice and been lead in many different directions, and without all of those people and influences I would not be where I am today… one of the youngest professional strongmen in the country.



Dieting is 75% of Your Success!

jon-andersen1aSummertime is here! The time of year when everyone starts peeling off layers and browning up their white, pasty folds after a long, gluttonous winter. All winter long you have made and broken promises to yourself about getting in shape for the summer… mostly dietary promises.