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CBS Sports Will Air Worlds Strongest Man Series Beginning Oct 13.



CBS Sports Network and IMG have reached a multi-year agreement to showcase the World’s Strongest Man competition on CBS Sports Network, as part of the Network’s CBS Sports Spectacular series. CBS Sports Network will air ten 30-minute episodes from the 2013 competition, culminating with a one-hour finale crowning the 2013 World’s Strongest Man.


ASC Presents North American Strongman Nationals 2013 - Old Skewl!



While all those statements are true, the fact we are looking for is that Thigpen, White and Ortmayer all competed in their very first amateur NAS show a little bar in Dennison, Texas, promoted by retired ASC Pro Chad Smith! In fact, the bar currently named Smitty’s Bar & Grill and now owned by Smith. Texas was the birthplace of North American Strongman Society (now NAS, Inc.) in 1997 and Smiity’s was the site of many early NASS contests!


Primo Chalk - A Gripping New Sensation!



Primo Chalk was formulated with... “the idea for Primo Chalk occurred to me on the way home from a workout. I had forgotten to wash my hands after Olympic lifting and pull-ups and I had a couple of rips. Driving home I thought about all the bugs that were, possibly, on the bars and bumper plates at my gym ...and now on my hands ...and the steering wheel ..and the gearshift. The first formula was a reality a few months later and we (some CrossFit coaches and I) tested it. The test was several workouts that included weight lifting We started using it in classes and nearly everyone seemed to like it better than the regular stuff. It was even better after adding an additional natural drying agent.”


BIGGEST Americans Confirmed for Americas Strongest Man!



Mike Johnston reported on the Rx Power Hour that THE biggest names in American Strongman have confirmed for the 2013 version of America's Strongest Man. Below are the contestants he says are confirmed to make an apperance for this years event held during the 2013 Mr Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept 27 and 28th.


Metty Speaks: The Reality of Contest Preparation - The Lows and Lows



“Just have fun and enjoy yourself…” ~ A joke between Stefanie Tropea (champion strongwoman) and I leading in to the 2012 NAS nationals….we were NOT having fun.

So this was my first week of training in my 11 week lead in to the NAS Nationals…I have also seriously cleaned up my nutrition over the past four weeks (thank god for mammoth kitchen and GenTec nutrition ~ outstanding Australian companies who make this prep time so much easier for me and Jon Davie and Allison Nicoll-Matthews my nutrition gurus), which is essentially the icing on the “it is time to get serious” cake. I developed an 11 week calendar this week outlining every morning and afternoon session, for every day leading into the nationals. Jill Mills has provided the first part of my strongwomen event training and so the “fun” has begun….


Womens Strength Icon Becca Swanson Welcomes New Baby!



Powerlifitng phenom Becca Swanson and her husband Yasir announced the birth of Azlan Anthony Chaudhari, born July 17, 2013, 2:58 am, 8 lb 7 oz, 20 inches.


Metty Speaks: Australia V American - Attitudes Toward Competition



Alanna Casey (winner – under 150lbs Strongwomen world championships 2013) and I laugh often about the differences between me and her. We refer to ourselves as the yin and yang of the sport simply because we seem like polar opposites; Alanna being intensely focused on the win, Me, “going with the flow” and driven by self improvement. I have been competing in NAS contests in the United states for the past 4 years and I can categorically state that the American  and Australian cultures and attitudes especially when it comes to competition seem so so different.

I thought it would be interesting to answer a number of questions, me as the laid-back Aussie and Casey as the world dominating American to see how our perspectives, views and attitudes contrasted. It also gives you a little insight into both of us as athletes….So here goes, enjoy…..


The Official Line-Up for Clash of The Titans VII



The Official Line-Up for Hardcore Powerlifting’s Clash of The Titans VII at The Branch Warren Classic Expo (July 13th, Houston, TX)
Metroflex Gym Presents BOAD Apparel’s Clash of the Titans VII - Produced and Promoted by HardcorePowerlifting.com
The Branch Warren Classic Expo - Houston, Texas
1030AM till 130PM (Men & Woman’s Max Lifting followed by the Women’s 315 Pound Deadlift for Reps and then the Men’s 500 Pound Deadlift for Reps Challenge)


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