22 Year Old Brazilian Bodybuilder Murdered At Local Park

22 Year Old Brazilian Bodybuilder Murdered

Over the last decade rates of violent crime have fallen dramatically in Rio de Janeiro. It’s picturesque beaches, expansive parks, and thriving nightlife scene have made the city most popular tourist destinations in Brazil and, in recent years, the country also given rise to an elite pool of talent in the country’s emerging bodybuilding community that has produced some of the sport’s most elite talents like Rafa Brandao, Rubiel Mosquera, Good Vito, Eduardo Correa, and three-time Wellness Olympia champion Francielle Mattos.

However, last weekend tragedy struck deep in the heart of the city following the brutal murder of 22-year-old local bodybuilding champion Salomao de Moura Ribeiro Magnin.

According to reports from local officials, Magnin was gunned down by two assailants in Porto Seguro, a small area located northeast of Rio late Friday evening.

Police reports indicate that Magnin, who had no criminal background, was shot five times in cold blood before his body was wrapped in a sheet and moved from the scene of the crime to a nearby car park, before being dumped next to his motorcycle.

Few details have emerged about the ongoing investigation. However, interviews of residents near the scene of the alleged crime have revealed that Magnin was heard begging for his life before the shots were fired.

At this time, police have not identified a motive for the crime or released the names of alleged persons of interest.

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