Breon Ansley Reveals Hidden Motivation Heading into Arnold Classic


As we head into the final days before the highly anticipated start of the 2024 Arnold Classic, former two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Breon Ansley has revealed the hidden source of motivation that he’s used to help fuel his contest prep.

In a long, heartfelt post about his long-time friend and mentor Chris Cormier, Ansley said

“My brother…has gotten seven consecutive 7th places finishes at the Arnold Sports behind legends like Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, and Kevin Levrone, and I told him I’m dedicating this Arnold Classic to him to bring him the 1! Many of you couldn’t understand the resilience it takes to keep coming and almost winning, but to go back work your ass off, and come up short seven times. This sport is the toughest in the world Chris Cormier should be the poster boy of resilience, tenacity, and discipline as he would do double digit shows for 10+ years when most now will do 3-4 and call it a season, including me!...That’s why he’s the best coach out there because out of all of your guru’s he has been there and much more! We can’t fathom the mindset of an athlete like Chris Cormier! Love you brother and this one’s for you!”

In Ansley’s most recent physique update, released less than one week ago, the 2018 Arnold Classic champion showcased the trademark lines, shape, and symmetry that have made him one of the most dominant forces in the division since it launched nearly a decade ago.

Ansley made the switch back to Classic Physique halfway through the 2023 season after a brief foray into the 212 and, at the time, there was a strong contingent of both fans and bodybuilding media alike who believe the additional seven pounds of stage weight announced mid-season by IFBB Pro League Vice President Tyler Manion would be a game changer for athletes like Breon, who’d admittedly been struggling to make the cutoff for the last several years.

Like Chris Cormier, Ansley has also faced his fair share of adversity during his hall-of-fame career, but adding another Arnold Classic title to his resume in what could arguably the deepest lineup that we’ve see onstage in Columbus nearly six years after his last victory would be one of the most memorable moments in the brief history of the Classic Physique Division.

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