Horse MD Reveals Crazy Update 7 Weeks Out

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With less than seven weeks out from making his first appearance on the Arnold Classic stage, Marcelo “Horse MD” De Angelis is starting to make a strong case for himself to be considered a serious threat to crack the top in what many believe to be one of the strongest Men’s Open lineups that we’ve seen in recent memory. Recently De Angelis posted his latest pre-contest check in on Instagram, which drew high praise from some of the biggest names in bodybuilding.

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“Looking incredible” – Jay Cutler

“Looking incredible bro” – Flex Lewis

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              According to his most recent update De Angelis, who turned earned his pro card as a Classic Physique athlete in 2021, currently weighs an astounding 276 pounds, and appears to have added a tremendous amount of quality muscle during the offseason without the trademark shape and aesthetics that caused many to dub him an immediate threat to challenge Chris Bumstead for the Classic Physique title prior to his announcement about making the switch to Open Bodybuilding.

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              If there were any doubts about De Angelis’ ability to compete in the Open Division, they were quickly erased at last year’s Romania Muscle Fest, where he brought home third place in IFBB debut in a lineup that included Samson Dauda, Behrooz Tabani, and Nathan DeAsha.

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 Despite the relatively quick turnaround time between the end of his 2023  contest season and the start of his prep for the Arnold Classic, De Angelis appears to be on track to bring his all-time best to one of bodybuilding’s biggest stages in a few weeks; where a strong showing could pave the way for him to become one of this year’s breakout stars.

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