2024 Arnold Classic UK Lineups Revealed

UK Open2

Now that the countdown to the start of the 2024 contest season is officially underway, bodybuilding fans across the globe are starting to get their first glimpse at what’s in store for the early part of the schedule, which includes a return of the Arnold Classic UK, who released their first official rosters last week.  

Despite deciding not to hold this event for the 2023 contest season, it looks like the Arnold Sports Team is dedicated to making sure this year’s show pulls out all the stops, as evidenced by the over $650,000 in prize money on the line, which makes this the largest total purse in the history of the contest.  

As expected, the Men’s Open division is loaded with top tier talent; including 2022 Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan, 2023 Arnold Classic champ Samson Dauda, and the reigning Arnold UK king, Andrew Jacked, all of whom will be seeing each other onstage for the second time in the early part of the season here.

UK Open

James Hollingshead  
Samson Dauda  
Akim Williams  
Antoine Vaillant  
Chinedu ‘Andrew Jacked’ Obiekea  
Rubiel ‘Neckzilla’ Mosquera  
Mohamed Shaaban Elimbabi  
Hadi Choopan  
Jonathan Delarosa

Classic Physique, which is quickly becoming the most popular division in all of bodybuilding, is set to feature. he "Miracle Bear" Urs Kalecinski, Wesley Vissers, Michael Daboul, and former two-time Olympia winner Breon Ansley.

UK Classic

Breon Ansley
Michael Daboul
Josh Eastham
Urs Kalecinski
Antoine Loth
Emanuel Ricotti
Denis Romanov
Wesley Vissers

The Men’s Physique and Bikini lineups also look like they’re packing their own fair share of firepower, led by names like Corey Morris, Diogo Montenegroin Men’s Physique and former Olympia winners Isa Pecini and Angelica Teixeira in Bikini.

Men’s Physique


Emanual Hunter  
Adeyemi Awoyemi  
Kadeem Hillman  
Vitor Chaves  
Elton Mota  
Emile Walker  
Corey Morris  
Diogo Montenegro  
Jeffrey Darko  
Mahmood Al-Maghrabi

 UK Bikini

Tamekia Carter  
Eli Fernandez  
Priscila Rodrigues  
Ivanna Escandar  
Cristobalina Pajares Torres  
Tara Grier  
Elisa Pecini  
Ndeye Ndour  
Vania Auguste  
Lucia Malavaze  
Alessia Facchin  
Kristina Brunauer  
Lisa Reith  
Tatiana Lanovenko  
Angelica Teixeira  
Phoebe Hagan  
Marie-Eve Duchesneau  
Ottavia Mazza
Alice Marchisio
Nittaya Kongthun

In Fitness, division superstar, and 2023 Arnold Classic champion, Ariel Khadr is set to square off against a tough lineup that includes 2022 Arnold UK Winner Michelle Freuda-Mensah.  

 UK Fitness

Ariel Khadr  
Michelle Fredua-Mensah  
Tiffany Chandler  
Abby Bolton  
Aurika Tyrgale  
Nikolett Szabo  
Jaclyn Baker  
Minna Helena Pajulahti  
Michaela Pavleova
In the Wellness Division, Innagural Arnold Classic champion Isabelle Nunes is set to put her championship prowess on the line against a strong lineup that includes two of last year’s biggest stars, Gisele Machado and Amanda Burnett.

 UK Wellness

Rosa Benadero Munoz  
Sandra Colorado Acal  
Wynter Addams  
Gisele Machado
Isabelle Pereira Nunes  
Leonida Ciobu  
Amanda Burnett  
Juliana Mota

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