Chris Bumstead: Uncensored on PDB Podcast

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In the world of bodybuilding, which is dominated by superstars, there are stars who shine brighter in the fitness industry right now than five-time Classic Physique Olympia champ, Chris Bumstead. Recently CBum sat down with entrepreneur and podcast titan, Patrick Bet-David, to spill some wisdom on the PBD Podcast.

"Struggle breeds strength..."  

Bumstead asserts, mirroring the hard-nosed philosophy we’ve heard from other bodybuilding greats of the past. During the candid interview, Bumstead told Bet-David that his rise to the top wasn't exactly a walk in the park; it was more like a climb up a rugged mountain. Facing other battle tested champions like Breon Ansley, helped to bring the best out of Bumstead as he learned the value of a worthy opponent, and what it means to have someone who pushes you beyond your limits.

"Respect your rivals..."

 he says, recalling the moment Ansley hung up his posing trunks. It was more than a competition; it was a dance of warriors, each pushing the other to greatness. Bumstead's acknowledgment of new threats, like two-time Olympia runner up Ramon Dino, highlighted the fact that, despite his success, his eyes are always fixed on the horizon, ready for the next battle.

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When it comes to steroids, Bumstead doesn't mince words.  

"Know what you're getting into..."

 he warns. Steroids are not child's play; they're a high-stakes game where the stakes are your health and well-being. Bumstead's advice to the young guns? Stay natural, push your limits, and let your body reach its true potential without chemical shortcuts.

Reflecting on the evolution of bodybuilding, Bumstead takes us on a journey through time. From the era of mass monsters like Ronnie Coleman to the aesthetic-driven approach of the Classic Physique Division, the sport has witnessed a seismic shift.  

"It's about balance..."  

he emphasizes, advocating a return to the roots – where health and symmetry reign supreme.

Bumstead's personal journey, which has been filled with health scares, has been well-documented; and these experiences have shaped his perspective on longevity in the sport, underscoring the importance of a holistic approach to bodybuilding that prioritizes overall health.

Looking ahead, Bumstead sees a need for a revolution in how bodybuilding is perceived and judged.  

"It's time for change..."

 he declares, calling for a reassessment of the criteria that define the ideal physique in the eyes of the judges. His vision is of a sport that honors its past while boldly stepping into the future, a future where health and aesthetics walk hand in hand.

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As Bumstead prepares to embrace fatherhood for the first time, and openly discuss the potential of his exit from competitive bodybuilding, it’s beginning to feel increasingly likely that his role in shaping this chapter of the Classic Physique Division will be coming to an end sooner rather than later. And if that moment comes at the end of the 2024 contest season, it’s worth wondering if there’s anyone in the sport has what it takes to step up and fill the massive void left by the most followed athlete in the industry.

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