William Bonac Announces 2024 Comeback

William Bonac

As the end of an eventful contest season draws to a close, in recent weeks several high level athletes have begun to drop hints about their plans for, what figures to be, another unpredictable year in 2024, including former Arnold Classic champion, William Bonac.  

After a disappointing seventh place finish at the 2023 Arnold Classic, The Conqueror opted to sit out for the remainder of the 2023 contest season to focus on giving his body a much needed break from the grind of competing. Shortly after his appearance onstage in Columbus, reports emerged that Bonac had been dealing with kidney issues that required medication and medical attention in the months leading up to his contest prep, and that he put both treatments on hold in order to prepare for the contest – which was a decision that ultimately led to downward turn in his health during the run up to the show.

bonac 1

Although Bonac hasn’t mentioned dealing with health issues as of late, in the caption that accompanied his latest Instagram post, he made reference to the 2024 contest season being his last on an IFBB stage.  

“1st Day Physique update. I’m back into preparation for 2024 season. Business wise I’ve planted various seeds this year all I have to do now is nourish and water it occasionally the rest is just praying & practicing to have patience.
Now its time to get ready for the stage for my last rounds Let’s witness my physique transformation progress in these coming weeks and than decide which shows I will add to my 2024 competitions planning.”

If this is his last season, then it’s safe to assume that he’ll be looking to put together a farewell tour for the ages and be on the hunt for one final trip to the Olympia stage, where he could potentially put an exclamation point on his hall-of-fame worthy career. 

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