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Breon Ansley Previews Shredded Physique 3 Weeks Out

breon 3a

Breon Ansley is making a strong push to be considered a top-tier title contender as he heads into the final phase of his Olympia prep. This week the former two-time Olympian champion released his newest progress pictures detailing, what some experts are calling, the best look that he’s displayed since the end of his title run.

“Classic as I’ll ever make it.”

Heading into the start of the start of the 2023 contest season, it seemed as if Ansley’s days as a stalwart in the Classic Physique division were behind him, following an announcement that he made after the close of his 2022 campaign about his intention to leave the division behind as he pursued a path in the 212 division – a decision that was brought largely brought about by his ability to grow into a show unincumbered by the weight caps of Classic Physique.

breon 1

However, in an unexpected twist of fate, when IFBB Pro League Vic President Tyler Manion announced new changes to the weight caps of the Classic Physique division mid-season that went into effect immediately, rumors immediately began to swirl about the potential of the former champion’s return to the division, presumably opening up a path for him to regain his status as prime contender to challenge the reigning and defending four-time title holder Chris Bumstead.

Chris Bumstead

Despite the rise of new division stars in the division such as Ramon “Dino” Quieroz and Urs Kalecinski, and the reemergence of former Arnold Classic winner, and Olympia runner up, Terrance Ruffin, there are many who believe an improved version of Ansley, who will reported come into this year’s contest with an additional seven pounds of stage weight, may have the ability to challenge Bumstead as he vies for an unprecedented fifth consecutive title.

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