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Workout on the Road or at Home. Bodyweight Only Routine

DuaneBrickhouseBackMany people have time commitments that supposedly prevent them from being able to workout.  In reality these are EXCUSES! However, not being able to physically make it a gym or a lack of access to equipment seems more plausible as a real excuse. But in actuality it is not a true reason to give up on breaking a sweat and getting in a good workout.   Here is a top notch workout that doesn’t require you to leave the house or have any weights.


Cardio Games? Maintain Your Interest With These Approaches!

RopesHave you been on the rat wheel for so long you just simply dread cardio? Hopefully you are using cardio to supplement your strength training, but it is still important to keep your heart and lungs in condition no matter what your goal.

As I start prepping for photo shoots, I have to up my cardio once again and am in the same boat as you.


Eric Broser’s P/RR/S (Power/Rep Range/Shock) Training Part 3

scott4In this final article on my variation of Eric Broser’s P/RR/S system I will outline a third way that I structured a complete phase of training utilizing the P/RR/S principles as well as an additional way you can use these principles for ‘specialization training’.

For this P/RR/S phase I paired the muscle groups as such: Legs/Delts, Back/Tris, Chest/Bis. There were several reasons I liked these pairings. One benefit was pairing a larger w/ a smaller muscle group which helped keep the overall systemic stress a bit lower since the degree of overall muscle mass was moderated on a per workout basis.



883C3590I’m always trying out new moves and routines to perfect my physique; however, there are some constants that stay in the rotation.  Below find some of my favorite moves as well as why I prefer them and constantly continue to use them to challenge my body.


Of Crossfit Boxes and Boxy Midsections

crossfitHave I pissed off any Crossfit devotees already with the title of this article? I hope so. I challenge any Crossfit fanatic to continue with Crossfit training while being able to grace a bodybuilding stage with the tiny waist, full lats, and rounded delts which are sought after in every single bodybuilding division. When an athletic pursuit is characterized with moves like overhead squats, push presses, push jerks, sumo deadlift high pulls, medicine ball cleans, and tire flips, developing a boxy midsection is unavoidable. I find it ironic that Crossfit gyms are referred to as boxes since the term box is rather suggestive of the body shape which develops under that discipline.


No Gym? No excuse!

DuaneBrickhouseBackMany people have time commitments (better known as excuses) that prevent them from being able to work out.  However, not being able to physically make it to a gym or a lack of access to equipment is not a true reason to not break a sweat and get a good workout in.

Here is a great workout that doesn’t require you to leave the house or have any weights.


Measuring Your Fitness Level

scaleOver the years I have been asked numerous times to provide insight into how a person can determine their level of physical fitness. In many ways, I think this question originates from people that have gone to the doctor and received those body mass index (BMI) score sheets and discovered that they were obese, based upon their height and weight. Now mind you, the people asking these questions are often those that go to the gym several times per week.


Cardio and Dieting – Part 3

Low Intensity Steady State Cardiotreadmill

By low intensity I am referring to heart rate zones that will optimize the process of utilizing fat for energy. The intensity can vary and generally the lower the intensity, the greater percentage of calories burnt that will come from fat. But admittedly, the lower the intensity the lower the net total of calories burnt during the session, so compromise is needed.




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