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1:42 - Why were the Steve Weinberger interview questions disabled?
6:55 - What is the most recent piece of information Dave read that made him say "wow?"
9:50 - Do PCT protocols change much (with two scenarios listed)?
12:16 - Does Dave (and other's from the 90's era) have a "90's bias" when it comes to training?
15:48 - Shoutout to Makaveli Motivation.
16:59 - Dave's (and clients') biggest mistakes during peak week.
18:54 - What are the key things to check for when it comes to blood work?
23:18 - Explosive training or time under tension for muscle gain?
25:19 - Is there a point to doing a heavy off-season bulk or is a caloric surplus better?
26:38 - How close to a show would Dave use lasix (and at what quantity)?
29:08 - I have severe sciatic pain, will gabapentin affect training and response?
30:00 - Biggest mistakes during check-ins?
31:14 - How would you transition from Men's Physique to open class? Is it as simple as just eating more?
32:45 - Dave answers questions about SPECIES Gym.
35:42 - Would RXMuscle ever bring back "SportsFlex" - a pilot show RXMuscle did to have bodybuilders talk mainstream sports?
37:20 - Serious relationships a good idea during bodybuilding?

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