Lose Over 13lbs Without Diet or Exercise!

I have a secret weight loss tip to lose 13lbs per year without dieting, ice water (1)lifting weights, or cardio!! It’s ice water. I know what you’re thinking…here goes Tim talking about the importance of water again. Let me explain the secret. Our bodies must heat up water to our body temperature. To do this we expend calories. It takes about 8000 calories to heat up 8oz glass of water to our body temperature. Now before you get excited and stop working out let me tell you these are “little calories”. The calories we are use to counting are kilocalories. There are 1000 calories in a kilocalorie. So to heat up one 8oz glass of ice cold water it takes 8 calories. So how does this equal 13lbs. Here’s the breakdown:

8oz glass = 8 calories

16 glasses = 1 gallon

1 gallon = 128 Kcalories

1 gallon/day = 365 gallons per a year

365 gallons x 128 = 46,720 kcalories

3500 calories to burn 1lb of fat

46,720 / 3500 = 13.34 lbs

Now this is an approximation and does not take into account some small factors, but those factors should only manipulate the numbers slightly. Just by drinking ice cold water we will burn extra calories each day. Every little bit helps. Stay hydrated!

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