After Hours Radio

After Hours Radio (06-05-09): Lisa Lipps and "Ron Jeremy G"


Adult Film Star LISA LIPPS vs Ron Jeremy G.!

Derek Anthony brings adult entertainer Lisa Lipps to the studio. Jimmy THE ANGRY Bull Pellechia gets to measure her gigantic boobs and sniff her panties.

"Ron Jeremy" G makes a special appearance in this very special episode.

Also, don't miss the reenactment of Jimmy's latest foray into script writing!


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After Hours Radio (05-29-09): Mr. G's bodyguard and Pellechia sniff's panties!


Why does Mr. G need a bodyguard?

Mr. G stuns the Whack Pack by bringing in a bodyguard!  Is it Derek Anthony that he's afraid of?

Robbie "The White Biggie Smalls" Smalley returns from planet Neptune, and Jimmy "The Angry" Bull sniffs a few panties!

This episode of After Hours with the Whack Pack is a must listen!

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After Hours Radio (05-22-09):Undertaker G vs. The Horny MILF


Undertaker G vs. the Horny MILF!

Dave Palumbo and John Romano host another insane episode of After Hours. Find out who Undertaker G bring to the studio this time around.

Does Mr. G really charge $18,000 a year for personal training?

Also, find out if the Killer Raspberry Ants are heading for a city near you.

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After Hours Radio (05-15-09):Mohawk G Goes Insane!


Mohawk G is Nuts!

Mohawk G brings in a welcomed guest to the studio and surprises the whack pack!

Where is Jimmy Pellechia? Did "The White Biggie Smalls" get abducted by aliens? Derek Anthony has no idea what's going on and Diego doesn't bring any food!

Who is behind the mask?  Tune in and find out!

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After Hours Radio (05-08-09): Panty Sniffing!


I am the Truth!

*Hosts Dave Palumbo and John Romano try to control the chaos as The Whack Pack goes crazy!

Don't miss as Jimmy The Angry Bull explains to the listeners the finer points of sniffing women's panties.

Mr G does another crazy intro as Braveheart G!

Find out what we're doing when everyone else is getting ready for bed!

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After Hours Radio (05-01-09): Why So Serious?



Thankfully, Jimmy "The Angry Bull" Pellechia isn't suffering from the Swine Flu, but he's still out sick.

Joker G pays a visit to the Whack Pack and wants to know why we're all so serious.

Derek Anthony is still angry and "The White Biggie Smalls" actually printed our first RXMUSCLE shirt!

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