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Piana's Punishment? Iron Debate

rich piana racismIFBB Pro Gerald Williams joins a heated episode of Iron Debate, featuring Dave Palumbo, John Romano, and Chris Aceto.

The topic of Rich Piana's leaked voice mails (filled with racist overtures including repeated use of the 'n' word) has caused a major stir in the bodybuilding world, not just for what Piana said, but, the conversation that has taken place in the following week.

Over this past week, RXMuscle has gotten opinions from Lee Priest, John Romano, and received a message (read on air by Dave) from Lee Haney.

Let's hear from you! What do you make of what you heard on the voice mails? Should Piana be suspended from exhibiting at upcoming shows? Should retailers distance themselves from the 5% Nutrition line? Should Piana be forgiven for a transgression that took place a decade ago?

Sound off in the comments section

Sound off in the comments section


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