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Singerman vs Romano! Iron Debate

ironrage singerman romano

Aaron Singerman rejoins RX Television as a special panelist on Iron Debate, as he takes on John Romano, with Dave Palumbo on deck with the final word.

Kevin Levrone has thrown his hat in the ring for this summer's Vancouver Pro. Can the legendary Levrone put together a package that's good enough to win an IFBB pro show (after a long hiatus prior to his Olympia appearance)?

Also, could this be his swan song? Dallas McCarver is taking some sharp criticism about his recent posing video -- can he shock the bodybuilding world and win the Arnold Classic in 2 weeks, or, are we all in for a major disappointment?

Plus, John goes after Aaron for supporting MD! Singerman vs. Romano on Iron Debate -- ONLY on RXMuscle.com.

Do you agree with "Ragin' Romano?  Join the discussion in MUSCLE CENTRAL

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