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Bodybuilding & Depression #askDave

Dave Palumbo answers all your questions related to bodybuilding and fitness. Nutrition, supplementation, training and life in general!

Today's questions:

What's your take on using Arimidex year round ?

Do you find you and Chris Aceto and you have completely opposire dieting strategies with carbs ?

Dave, Ive taken Omegalyze for awhile, is it okay to take all 6 tabs in the AM. I just like to take everything in the am for convenience.

Will MK-677 raise IGF-1 levels enough to cause an increased risk of cancer?

Do you think that the chemicals substances presente in whey protein and other supplements are bad for us?

Can a woman on birth control benefit from taking your product TESTOLYZE?

I would like to hear your take on phosphatidic acid and arachidonic acid?. Also Should we be adding this into our diets or are they not essential.

In case you can only get your hands on T4, whats the optimum dosage to be equivalent to 50mcg of T3 to burn fat ?

At what age should I consider keeping an eye on my testosterone levels before trt would be of benefit to me. (currently 25. Guessing mid 30's?)

What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting in regards to cutting as well as bulking? Examples that come to mind are: Mike Rashid, Terry Crews and Maxx Charles.

Dave, can you please explain the difference between cyclic dextrin and high molecular weight amylopectin and which is better post workout and why?

Dave, does your test always have to be higher then your anabolics, or can you run, say decca at 500 and testosterone at 200 together or should it be reversed?

Hey dave. What's the best timing for taking orals such as dbol. Is it best to split the dose 3 times a day, or to take a single big dose in the morning?

When on keto diet for contest prep, does your chest meal for clients consists of just higher fats per meal?

Dave this question with a spin but how often do you see anxiety and depression with bodybuilders?. It seems a lot of us get this . What's your take I don't think we talk enough about this.

Are leg presses enough for substantial leg growth ?

What's the latest coming out of the Rhoden camp? Have you heard anything?

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