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In theNationals8 ongoing journey towards achieving aesthetics, we must evaluate what constitutes that ideal image or “look”.  To take a deeper dive into the topic, we can start by looking at the various divisions in the NPC and the IFBB to discover any common or recurring themes in what those organizations deem to be an aesthetic look.  Setting aside the obvious tans and shredded abs, the large rounded shoulders to small waist ratio stands out as the basis for creating that pleasing look.  How to achieve it?  Well, it varies from person to person but here’s what I do:


The Integrated Warm-Up

ALunge very common way to warm-up prior to resistance training workouts is to first do a general warm-up consisting cardio or callisthenic type exercises to increase heart rate and heat in the muscles (among other physiological changes). From there specific warm-up sets are usually performed for each body part being worked.

While this is certainly a useful strategy, I have also found it extremely beneficial to transition from the more general warm-up to the main resistance workout by also utilizing one or two movements that enhance full-body structural integration. These incorporate the fundamental movement patterns of Push, Pull, Bilateral Lower Body (i.e. Squat pattern), Unilateral Lower Body (i.e. Lunge pattern), and Rotation in various ways.  


Tips for Fat Loss Part 4: Measuring Progress

Measuring waist measurementProgress in very important when working to lose fat.  Here is what you need to do to keep track of fat loss.

1.   Calculate your waist-to-hip ratio

Your waist-to-hip ratio — or the circumference of your waist divided by the circumference of your hips — can be a good indicator of whether you need to lose belly fat. Here's how to get it:


Top 8 Tips for a Tip Top Chest

How imagedo you build a monster chest to fill out your t-shirt? Well, to really build muscle mass and induce muscle hypertrophy, it’s all about incorporating multi-joint exercises into your chest routine. 

The chest is best stimulated and developed when it is fully stretched and flexed and targeted through movements designed to maximize development. For example, the upper chest is best stimulated from exercises done on a 30-45% incline bench, the middle chest is best stimulated from exercises done on a flat bench, and the lower chest is best stimulated from exercises done on a 30-45% decline bench.

The exercises below will ensure that each part of your chest is targeted so you will have a chest that resembles the Austrian Oak himself!


Ideal Reps and Sets for Muscle Growth

tim1"What are the ideal reps and sets for muscle growth?" The question has been around as long as bodybuilding. You may be thinking that you know exactly the right reps and sets for muscle growth. Three sets per each exercise and 6-12 reps, right? It's what the average bodybuilder has been doing since bodybuilding began. Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple...


Getting a Jump on the Competition

I jump ropehonestly can’t remember the last time I did cardio on a machine. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” to use a Seinfeld reference, but I prefer to work with more athletic modalities. One of my favorite pieces of conditioning equipment is the often overlooked, humble, inexpensive, and extremely portable jump rope. Jumping rope really provides a tremendous fitness ‘bang for your buck!’ It not only gives you a serious caloric burn, but it really enhances one’s coordination and athleticism!

Getting Started...


Satellite Cells and Muscle Memory

When Satellite-Cell-muscleyou think back to the first few months you ever spent in the weight room, you probably remember adding more and more muscle with seemingly every session.  What’s more, this was despite not having half the knowledge that you may have now with respect to training or nutrition.  But still, in that first year of training your weight shot up by 15 pounds and you also looked significantly leaner!..


Better biceps? Try these four exercises!

Ask arnold bicepssomeone, anyone, to "flex" or "make a muscle" and what do they do? Bust out the old tried-and-true Schwarzenegger twisting front biceps pose.  It's every teenage boys dream to build huge biceps complete with a sharp peak to attract all the ladies – or at least to stop the bully from those Charles Atlas comic book ads from kicking sand in your face at the beach. 

Unfortunately, biceps are one of the most over-trained muscle groups known to man.  Ask any "brofessor" at the gym… Mondays are chest, Tuesdays are biceps, and Wednesdays? Why, chest and biceps, of course!  I think most average lifters need only one day committed to arms each week, or slight biceps work after major back exercises on a "pull" day.  But who wants to be average?  If you're reading this, you want some biceps peak.  And you want it now!  No full Larry Scott arms for you. You’re interested in some Arnold-like 22-inch mountain peaks! 


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