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Better biceps? Try these four exercises!

Ask arnold bicepssomeone, anyone, to "flex" or "make a muscle" and what do they do? Bust out the old tried-and-true Schwarzenegger twisting front biceps pose.  It's every teenage boys dream to build huge biceps complete with a sharp peak to attract all the ladies – or at least to stop the bully from those Charles Atlas comic book ads from kicking sand in your face at the beach. 

Unfortunately, biceps are one of the most over-trained muscle groups known to man.  Ask any "brofessor" at the gym… Mondays are chest, Tuesdays are biceps, and Wednesdays? Why, chest and biceps, of course!  I think most average lifters need only one day committed to arms each week, or slight biceps work after major back exercises on a "pull" day.  But who wants to be average?  If you're reading this, you want some biceps peak.  And you want it now!  No full Larry Scott arms for you. You’re interested in some Arnold-like 22-inch mountain peaks! 


Chest Workout & Road to the Olympia Video with Tory Woodward

CheckMP2013ToryWoodward out this motivational video featuring Tory Woodward.  See what this IFBB MP Pro is up to in his final month of prep going into The Olympia and check out and try Tory's BONUS CHEST WORKOUT ROUTINE!


The No-Legs Myth Leg Fix Workout

One legsof the biggest criticisms I hear about Men's Physique competitors is that they have no legs.  They are simply average gym-goers absent of leg development who wake up one day and decide to donn some Hurley board shorts.  I beg to differ.  My leg training requires a 24-hour commitment.  Some weeks I literally cannot sleep before "leg day" because I am so excited. 

One cannot have an aesthetically pleasing (and contest-winning) body with "chicken-legs." I'm going to walk you through an intermediate leg workout for those competitors looking for award-winning wheels...


Straps or No Straps?

A strapsquestion I get asked quite often is whether to use lifting straps or not. Depending on your goals the answer will be different. So let's look at two separate goals someone might have in the gym. The first individual's goal is to build as much strength a possible in all aspects of his training. You could even call this individual a power lifter.

The advantage of using straps for this individual is that he will be able to grip the weight better and lift more weight...


Pecs of Perfection

HaveMP2013RegieSimmonsPecs you ever heard someone say that their pecs were too big? Of course not! I don’t think those words have ever been uttered aloud by anyone in the history of weight training. Everyone who is anyone desires a nicely developed chest, right?

If you tell anyone that you train, what is the first question that they typically ask you? You guessed it, “How much do you bench?” This is an age old question that will probably be asked for the rest of time. I have another question for you. What piece of equipment comes standard in most home gym systems? A bench, of course.


Calving Out The Difference – Part 2

InCalves part 2 last month’s article I discussed the often forgotten anterior calf muscles and the way they can be trained in order to enhance your overall calf development.  This month I am going to take a look at the posterior calf muscles, how to isolate them and then will show you an example calf workout that will help you maximize growth potential for this most stubborn of body parts!



ResearchFully Loop Shoot 2011 11 shows that interval training, or alternating short bursts of energy with brief resting periods, can improve muscle and build endurance more quickly than traditional exercise.

Sprint. Run as fast and as far as you can for 20 seconds, then slow to a walk until you catch your breath. Repeat for 10 minutes. 

Set a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike for interval training. Most modern exercise equipment can be set to an interval training mode, which significantly increases the difficulty of the exercise for short periods of time. 

Take quick walks. Fit some exercise into your work day and take 5-minute power walks. Take long strides and keep a brisk pace, or try going up and down stairs.


Are You Just Lifting Weights or Training Your Physique?

Wheneverweight-lifting I’m asked the question, “Do you lifts weights?” I will usually answer with “Well, sort of.” While it is true that weights are the primary tools used in my workout program, I don’t just “Lift things up and put them down!” Rather I am interested in using resistance for the purpose of stimulating my muscles.

Unfortunately, it seems that too often people go to the gym with the goal of improving their physique but what they really end up doing is carelessly pushing weights around. They seem to have no connection at all to the muscle contractions involved in the exercises they are performing. However, for me, training is all about the mind-muscle connection. 




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