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THE TRAINING ROOM (Training Tips & Programs)

Ask Thomas: Wraps, Fasted Training & Gaining Muscle?

Ropes-thumbARE WRAPS GOOD?

If you are going really heavy and want to keep your kneecaps intact you might want to wrap your knees. It will keep your joints tight and the elasticity will actually make the lift easier. Personally, I choose to just dial it back a bit so as not to injure myself.


Eric Broser’s P/RR/S (Power/Rep Range/Shock) Training System, Part 2

MP2013RegieSimmonsPecs-thumbIn this and the subsequent article I want to share additional details about my modifications on Eric Broser’s excellent ‘Power/Rep Range/Shock’ (aka P/RR/S) system.


MP Cardio and Dieting – Part 2

Adam-Bates-Abs1Continuing last month’s article, I will now start to look at the different types of cardio which are usually implemented into a program to effectively burn body fat.


Prioritizing Leg Training: Hams & Calves

mpd1My love for the gym started as a result of my desire to improve my basketball game.  Before becoming a “gym rat,” I mainly went to the gym do squats so that (in my mind) I could improve my vertical.


MP Cardio and Dieting – Part 1

Adam-Bates-thumbIt is something that plays a large role in the lives of almost every competitor. Cardio is required by 95% of physique athletes to go from lean to stage lean.


Experiencing DOMS Doesn’t Mean Squat

16There is a growing body of evidence that is challenging the long-held notion that delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is essential for muscle growth.


Eric Broser’s P/RR/S (Power/Rep Range/Shock) Training System

BillComstock130DMBrowRecently I’ve been using variations of a training system called Power, Rep Range, Shock (aka P/RR/S) which was created by natural bodybuilder, fitness model, author and trainer, Eric Broser. Before going further I want to thank Eric for giving me permission to write about his excellent training system!

I have actually known about P/RR/S for several years via a variety of interviews and articles. However, more recently I decided to purchase Eric’s Power, Rep Range, Shock DVD so I could see the subtleties of his system in action. I then took the basic principles of P/RR/S and put together several different variations on the system, which I have been currently using with great success!


Is Your Fat Burning Furnace on High?

HangingOutLegsFor most folks, cardio is a dreaded word that means thirty to sixty minutes-plus each day on some piece of gym equipment slowly building up a good old-fashioned sweat. At the end of the session, when the time expires, you’re left wondering if you really melted away some of that fat that has covered up your striated and ripped appearance since your last show.


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