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Men’s Physique National Competitor Standings

In preparing for the USAs I noticed all the major sites had all these articles, videos, ones to watch, etc for every category but ours.  Also, the college and NFL football seasons are about to begin and we all know the emphasis and excitement the BCS rankings as well as the fantasy football player rankings bring to the sport.  So I figured why not do it for our sport. 

This is a subjective sport to begin with so I wanted to take opinion out of the rankings and have it completely based on a mathematical equation based on our performance on the national level.   Here is the equation I came up with

(show score + top 5 bonus) + [show score + (top 5 bonus x # of top 5 finishes)] / # of shows = avg score/show

Avg score/show + # of shows squared = Total score

To start I wanted how we placed as well as the size of our classes to be taken into account.  If you have 20 competitors in your class and finish 1st then your score will be 20, 2nd place is 19, 3rd place 18, and so on.  Since they do not place competitors who finish 16 and lower those competitors will receive 1 point.  Since it is more difficult to win against a large class than a small one this will reward competing against a larger field. 

Then I wanted to reward a top 5 finish.  Finishing in the top 5 will receive an additional 5 points for the first time you finish in 5th place or better.  If you place in the top 5 in a 2nd show then you will receive 10 points. This will be your 5 point bonus multiplied by the number of times you finished top 5. 

You total the scores for all the shows you competed in and divide that number by the number of shows you competed in to come up with your average show score.  I finally wanted to reward guys who competed in multiple shows because it is very hard on our bodies to do more shows.  This final part grows exponentially the more shows you compete in.  So if you competed in 2 shows then you multiply 2 x 2 to equal 4 points added to your average score per show which will equal you total score.  The higher your total score the better your ranking will be.

Hopefully that makes sense and if it didn’t then too bad. Just kidding.  I will post a ranking the next 3 weeks as well so we have the most recent ranking a week prior to the North Americans.  Here is the first Top 20 ranking following the Jr USAs. 


1.Michael Bevins        21

2.Alex Carneiro           20

3.Eddie Baird               19

4.Bobby Ashhurst       18

5.Mikey McFall             17

6.Douglas Peaney      17

7.Michael Walding      16

8.Steve Cook               16

9.Brent Baumgarner   15

10.Tony Robinson        15

11.Tim Staggs                14

12.Aaron O’Connell      14

13.Paul Harcher              13

14.Steve Mousharbash    13

15.Adam Lamb               12       

16.Keith Baker               12

17.Blake Barnett            11

18.Antonio Mitchell       11

19.Patrick Pinckey        10

20.Joe Pearson             10

Pro Card Winners: Matt Christianer (Overall Winner) & Ryan Hughes (Class B winner)

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