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Biggest IFBB MP PRO Turnout Ever! Europa & Grand Prix Results

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europa-and-grand-prix-2014What a huge weekend for Men’s Physique!  This past weekend the most ever MP Pro’s took the stage on the same day.  With pro shows on both coasts and fully stocked stages at each, 70+ IFBB MP Pros in total put on the shorts in hopes of earning their way into to the 2014 Olympia.  The stages and stands were packed to the gills.  When the dust settled, familiar names in the industry Jason Poston and Tyler Anderson took the titles at the Europa Show of Champions and the Grand Prix LA.  Additionally at the Grand Prix they held a 40+ Pro division.  Willie Spencer took that win.  Following are the results for the Europa and Grand Prix.


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Fighting Muscle Loss as You Age

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Dave GoodinThe sad truth about getting older is that it becomes more and more difficult to hold onto the plentiful lean muscle mass and low body fat we tend to take for granted during our younger years.   An inevitable consequence of growing older is the increasing struggle to maintain lean muscle mass as the years pass.  Even if you have been blessed with a genetic propensity for the optimal balance of lean tissue and body fat, be prepared to work harder over time to keep what you have.  This also means that master’s competitors usually have to train harder to build muscle mass, and are also more sensitive to dietary fluctuations and digressions than their younger counterparts.


Sleep Deficit and Muscle Loss

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Those sleep equals muscleof you who insist on burning the midnight oil and carving into time during which you should be sleeping are doing yourselves a disservice.  When you build up a sleep deficit, not only do you adversely affect your attention and overall energy, you also diminish the potential muscle gains you would obtain if you consistently got a good night’s rest...


Fat Intake and Depression Linked?

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Severaltrans fat years ago there was a very popular medication being marketed on TV. The commercial’s introduction made the following declaration:

 “You know when you feel the weight of sadness. You may feel exhausted, hopeless and anxious. Whatever you do, you feel lonely and don’t enjoy the things that you once loved.”

This commercial described the feelings of sadness that affects people suffering from depression, but could just as easily describe the effects of trans fats on the human body. New research from Spain reveals that trans fats could be the root cause of depression in some people...


Men's Physique Competitors Earn IFBB Pro Status at The Nationals

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This Josh Arterberryweekend marked the final chance in 2013 for National Level NPC Men's Physique Competitors to earn their pro status and join the ranks of IFBB Pros.  With well over 200 MP competitors taking the stage spread across six height classes, it is clear that the level of competition was incredibly stiff.  When the dust settled at the Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, twelve MP Competitors walked away with the right to request entrance into the IFBB.  The new pros are as follows:





    John Arterberry  

Earned Pro Card
    Jermaine Ward  
    Austin Standage  
    Brandon Hendrickson  
    Andre Adams  
    Eric Heidelberg  
    John Farrell  
    Pierre Vuala  
    Reuben Gordon  
    John Arterberry  
    Qaadir Majeed  
    Josh Bowmar
    Matt Pattison


For complete results and pictures visit the following link:

Many congrats to all of the competitors taking the stage and making the NPC/IFBB THE place to compete!

Live Play-by-Play at the NPC Nationals

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WantNationals8 to know what's going on at The Nationals and who's earning their pro cards?  Pre-judging and finals for the Men's Physique Division take place on Saturday.  In the meantime, see what's going on in the other divisions!  Click through on the following link for the live Play-by-Play with Dave Palumbo.!

Kentucky Muscle Men's Physique Results

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If Tory Woodwardyou missed the Kentucky Muscle show in Louisville this weekend, you missed a great show.  The Pro's showed up in big numbers to take the stage one last time before the end of the year.  Twenty seven of the top pro's took the stage in the battle for the title of the first ever Kentucky Muscle Men's Physique Champion.  In the end, the well deserved victory went to Tory Woodward.  Tory is now automatically qualified for the 2014 Olympia.  Following are the complete results...


Stay in Shape with this Simple Movement 35x a day!

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Ifdesk work 2 you're like most people you spend a large part of your day sitting around behind a desk. In today's society we sit behind a computer, sit while driving to work, and sit while we watch TV. Our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods of time and our health is paying the price.

Sitting requires little energy expenditure, "calorie burning drops to one per minute, greatly reduces activation of low back muscles, electrical activity in the legs shut off, enzymes that help break down fat drop by 90 percent...


Sacramento Pro Men's Physique Results

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Thejeremy b greater gulf states 2013 results are in for the Open and Masters Men's Physique Competitors at the Pro Show this weekend in Sacramento.  Taking home 1st place in Open is Jeremy Buendia, no stranger to taking home the big first place in the great state of California.  Walking off stage with 1st in the Masters is Jake Phippen.  

A big congrats to all of the gentlemen taking the stage and making all of us proud!  Following are the complete results.





Open Men's Physique Results





















Masters Men's Physique Results













For pics click through here:

Results from 2 Men's Physique Pro Shows

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Yesterday was a big day in the IFBB Men’s Physique world.  There were shows on both coasts and each had a very strong turnout.  First up was the IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup hosted by Shannon Dey of Bombshell Fitness.  Sixteen MP competitors took the stage.  When the dust settled the Top 5 were:

 1.     Matthew ActonMatt Acton Toronto

 2.     Michael Anderson

 3.     Anthony Brigman

 4.     Sheridan Hause

 5.     William Sullivan


This of course means that Matthew Acton has solidified his place on the 2014 Olympia stage and the remaining four competitors have earned points towards that same goal.


On the same day, but starting later on the other side of the country in Culver City, CA was the Titans Grand Prix.  The Titans Grand Prix is one of a multitude of shows that promoter Jon Lindsay has brought to the west coast.  For this highly competitive show, 19 MP PRO’s took the stage.  In a hard fought battle the Top 5 shook out as follows:

     1.       Tyler AndersonTyler Anderson 1

     2.       Matt Christianer

     3.       Xavisus Gayden

     4.       Jonathan Sebastian

     5.       Derek Lemm


These results assure Tyler Anderson his place on the 2014 Olympia stage and the remaining four already have points in the bank with hopes of stepping on that stage.

A big congrats to all of the competitors that from that took the stage and brought their very best.  You make us and this division proud!

The 2013 Olympia Men's Physique Results

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TheMark Anthony Wingson from Pittsburgh Pro 2013 Olympia is now officially in the record books.  There were many questions leading up to the showdown and they were answered this past weekend.  The first ever Olympia Men’s Physique champion has been crowned.  Mark Anthony Wingson walked away from the Vegas stage on cloud nine with the title of first ever MP Olympia Champion.

From the inception of the Men’s Physique division into the NPC, the wonder of how the division would do was of paramount interest.  “Would it thrive or struggle to survive,” was the question.  After seeing the general interest in the division and the massive attention to the results of the first ever Men’s Physique competition at the O, it is safe to say that the division is thriving.

A huge congrats to ALL of the competitors that stepped on the stage for this crowning achievement.  Each and every one of you made the fellow IFBB and NPC Men’s Physique competitors proud to be part of this still new and extremely powerful division. 


The results of the 2013 Olympia Men’s Physique Division are as follows.

1. Mark Anthony
2. Jeremy Buendia
3. Matthew Acton
4. Sadik Hadzovic
5. Jason Poston
6. Tyler Anderson
7. Michael Anderson
8. Stephen Cook
9. Tory Woodward
10. Alex Carneiro
11. Jeff Seid
12. Anton Antipov
13. Matt Christianer
14. William Sullivan
15. Stephan Mass
16. John Nguyen

Results from as well as the images when clicking upon the athlete's name.

2013 Men's Physique Olympia Competitor List

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Here is the list of the 2013 Men's Physique Olympia Competitors that will take the stage this weekend in Vegas.  Following each competitor's name is a link directly to their contest pictures so that you can see their progress from contest to contest.


Steven Cook 

Matt Christianer

Michael Anderson

Mark Anthony Wingson

Anton Antipov

Sadik Hadzovic

Matthew Acton 

Jeremy Buendia

Tory Woodward

John Nguyen

Jeff Seid

Tyler Anderson

William Sullivan

Alex Carneiro

Jason Poston

Stephen Mass


Who do you think will finish Top 5?

IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Men's Physique Results

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Twenty-threejeff seid valenti cup IFBB Men's Physique Pro's took the stage in Florida this weekend.  The competition was especially stiff due to the fact that this was the last show to earn a spot on the Olympia stage for the first ever Men's Physique Olympia showdown.  Jeff Seid took 1st place and thus earned his place on that stage.  The remaining gentlemen in the Top 5 earned points towards that same goal.  The official results are as follows:

1. Jeff Seid  
2. William Sullivan  
3. Stephen Mass  
4. Jason Poston  
5. Julian Jean  
6. Vincent Fiore  
7. Sheridan Hause Jr  
8. Steve Mousharbash  
9. Craig Capurso  
10. Robin Balogh  
11. German Pacheco  
12. David Breaux  
13. Wayne Chambers  
14. Joshua Reid  
15. Justin Busiere  
16. David Gonzalez  
16. Jim Holcomb  
16. Cory Lagasse  
16. Tyler Larson  
16. Geobanny Paula  
16. Sean Sapera  
16. Russell Waheed  
16. Nathan Wonsley
16. Chad Crouse  
16. Capriese Murray  

Click through to see the images of you favorite pro's.  To see the results for all divisions at this particular show click the following link:


Men's Physique North American Championships Results

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Overall Men's Physique Winner

Tyler Stines

tyler stines

photo courtesy of Tyler Stines via FB 


Class A

Masters Over 35 Class A

1. Ronald Boyden

1. Scott Do

2. Mike Balan

2. David Velazquez

3. Carl Roberts

3. Tony Torres

4. Mohammad Danish Anjum

4. Tom DeFloria

5. Cornell Felarca

5. Ronald Gallagher

6. Juan Araujo

6. Jimmy Pante

7. John DiMartino

7. Michael Nicholas

8. Thanh Tran

8. Michael Wegner

9. WIlliam Suvak

9. Joe Solinski

10. Stephen Mendoza

10. Christopher Leonick

11. Tai Tran


12. Michael Nicholas


13. Gabriel Veras


14. Pradded Naidy


15. Brandon McDaniel

Masters Over 35 Class B

16. Jimmy Pante

1. Jake Phippen

17. Clint Stone

2. Chris Williamson

17. David Romano

3. Tony Tirado

17. Edward Chervenyak

4. Gil Devera

17. Farood Kamal

5. Shawn Powers

17. Humberto Lopez


17. Jason Nunn


17. Jason Small


17. Javier Jacob

Masters Over 35 Class C

17. Jonathan Cooper

1. Willie Spencer

17. Justin Jones

2. Ryan Stanton

17. Michael Eavers

3. Craig Allen

17. Mohammad Umar Baig


17. Francisco Colon


17. Yi Peng


Masters Over 35 Class D

Class B

1. Jeffrey Velazquez

1. Tyler Stines

2. Duane Brickhouse

2. Phillip-Michael Williams

3. Adolfo Falcon

3. Henry O. James

4. Tim Degroot

4. Ryan Hinton

5. Brian Burnett

5. Jake Phippen

6. Sean Daniel

6. Chris Williamson

7. Stephen Fiore

7. Lance Schilling

8. Joshua Bulseco

8. Andre Adams

9. Dewey Whitworth

9. Derrick Blevins

10. Christopher Offutt

11. Tony Tirado


12. Michael Chillino


13. Gil Devera


14. Drew Fleck

Masters Over 35 Class E

15. Jonathan Metro

1. Chris Mosher

16. Sherman Mathis

2. Stephen Talamo

17. Mark Schuler

3. Michael Johnson

18. William Kitchen

4. David Gerringer

19. Nicholas Leavy

5. Tim Frost

19. Strawn Wilson

6. Mobutu Bracy

19. Chris Rogers


19. Juan Araujo


Class C

Masters Over 35 Class F

1. Robert Ortiz

1. Charles Chester

2. Derrick Yuvienco

2. Jason Alan Robinson

3. Zack Witchey

3. Marion Baker

4. John Gioffre

4. Butch Rolle

5. Igor Gajic

5. Ugo Arimonyeotu

6. Harold Solis

6. Tony Marcola

7. Chris Griffin

7. Marc Branca

8. Serge Saric

8. Keith Vanderhoeven

9. Chase Savoie

9. Andrew Stroupe

10. Chris Suponcic

10. Lonnie Lewis

11. Jason Harris

11. Jamie Bower

12. Jonny Catanzano

12. Kendall Clark

13. Ryan Rigby

13. Greg Grant

14. Samuel Sheperd


15. Adam Tijerina


Class D

Masters Over 40 Class A

1. George Brown

1. Tony Torres

2. Emmanuele Banks

2. Jimmy Pante

3. Stephen Marino

3. Ronald Gallagher

4. Cory Cook

4. Robert Simpson

5. Dyllon Orbea

5. Michael Wegner

6. James Hurst

7. Chris Rogers

7. Curtis Pressley

8. Joe Solinski

8. Paul Batrony


9. Donell Hawkins

Masters Over 40 Class B

10. Duane Brickhouse

1. Tone Martin

11. Robert Kerr

2. Tony Tirado

12. Doug Sebes

3. Shawn Powers

13. Brian Burnett

Andre Carvana

14. AJ Shukoori

Michael Matassa

15. Brandon Michael


16. Lorenzo Orozco

Masters Over 40 Class C

17. Anthony Longarzo

1. Willie Spencer

17. Anthony Fleischhauer


17. Brad Petersen

Masters Over 40 Class D

17. Brent Bumgarner

1. Spencer Owens

17. Bryan Waring

2. Stephen Fiore

17. Chris Montgomery

3. Sean Daniel

17. Christopher Offutt

4. Tim Degroot

17. Delante Hodges

5. Dewey Whitworth

17. Erik Drendel

6. Christopher Offutt

17. Mack Morgenweck


17. Maurice Williams

Masters Over 40 Class E

17. Randall Pich

1. Michael Johnson

17. Ryan Weber

2. Ron Knighton

17. Sean Daniel

3. John Lancaster

17. Adolfo Falcon


17. Brandon Miller

Masters Over 40 Class F

17. Christopher Villa

1. Demetrius Clemons

17. Steven Williams

2. Butch Rolle


3. Lonnie Lewis

Class E

4. Keith Vanderhoeven

1. Anthony Perez

5. Daniel Edward

2. Brian Hay

6. Kendall Clark

3. Qaadir Majeed

7. Greg Grant

4. Anwar Golloday


5. Kyle Moore


6. Luther Freeman

 Results Courtesy of

7. David Brody


8. Dylan McDonald


9. Harold Kemp


10. Tim Frost


11. Brandon Hewitt


12. Parker Egerton


13. Lance Burns


14. Devin Moore


15. Steven Kuchinsky


16. David Gerringer


17. Michael Johnson


Class F


1. Joe Canta


2. Jacques Lewis


3. Scott Clifton


4. Joey Recktenwald


5. Josh Bowmar


6. Brian Wheeless


7. Jason Alan Robinson


8. Travis Tardiff


9. Ugo Arimonyeotu


10. Mark Liquori


11. Charles Chester


12. Eugene Moore


13. Joshua Woods


14. Justin Woods


15. Demetrius Clemons


16. Antoine Wroten


17. Abeka Wilson


17. Ben Humphrey


17. Brett Kirchner


17. Corey Saba


17. David Lees


17. Dennis Carpenter


17. Dev Maxwell


17. Eric Turner


17. Jamie Bower


17. Jeremiah Towery


17. Keith Vanderhoeven


17. Lawrence Murphy


17. Marc Branca


17. Marion Baker


17. Mike Grzesik


17. Paul Harris


17. Stephen Baker


17. Steven Yates


17. Teddy Anagnostos


17. Tony Marcola


17. Troy Baumer




HUGE Men's Physique Weekend

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This valenti cup listweekend is a monster of a weekend in the NPC and IFBB Men's Physique world.  Two major contests are on tap.  We have the second to last chance to go pro this year in Pittsburg at the NPC North American Championships.  This is another one of Gary Udit's shows.  Time and time again his contests run along smoothly like a well-oiled machine in classic venues. You can be sure that by then end of the weekend we will have another top notch class of MP Pro's joining the ranks of the already stacked division.  

Additionally this weekend is of course the Valenti Gold Cup in Florida put on by Patricia Valenti.   This is a vital show for all IFBB MP Pro's looking to step on stage at the Olympia.  This is that last opportunity of the year for Olympia hopefuls to earn their spot by taking the show or collecting points by placing top five.  

By the end of this weekend we will have a slew of new pros and know exactly who we can expect to see on the big Olympia stage in the first ever Olympia Men's Physique Showdown!

For all of the latest play by play on the Valenti Gold Cup follow along and get involved on the live feed at:!

IFBB Europa Super Show Men's Physique Results

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This john 1st europa 2013weekend marks the second to last chance for IFBB Men's Phyisque competitors to earn their way onto The Olympia stage this year.  You know it's getting serious when former IFBB bodybuilders start crossing over into MP thinking that perhaps this division is more suited to them.  With the addition of these former bodybuilders to the pool of seasoned MP competitors, a total of 21 men took the stage in the Men's Physique division. 

The crossover of bodybuilders to MP brings up an interesting question which I have been pondering for well over a year.  What if some of the "big" physique competitors crossed over to BB and worked to become the top 212 competitor in the IFBB?  Take a moment to imagine it if you will.  You would have a shorter stockier mass monster of a man standing next to a Zane'esque or Arnold'like physique on the big stage.  Which physique would you choose?  Mass or Aesthetics?  We may be flirting with the re-evolution of Bodybuilding as we know it.  Well enough of my rambling, let's get to the results of the show.

The competition, as expected, was quite stout.  When all the dust settled, John Nguyen took 1st place and earned his way to the Olympia while the remainder of the top five earn points toward that same end.  As of now, only the Top 3 have been announced.  

The Top 3

1st John Nguyen  

2nd Stephen Mass  

3rd Vincent Fiore   

For complete results as they become available and competitor pictures click the following link: 


MP Competitor List for the 2013 IFBB Europa Supershow

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Twenty IFBB MP Pro's are currently signed up to compete this weekend at the Europa.  The showdown takes place in Dallas, Texas and is the second to last chance to qualify for The Olympia.  This is going to be quite a shootout.

Europa texas

IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Men's Physique

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A Tory Woodwardtotal of 24 Men's Physique Pro's took the stage in Tampa this weekend.  Per usual the competition was quite stiff.  The guys were bringing their "A Game" with only a few more chances to earn a place on The Olympia stage.  Tory Woodward walked away with the automatic qualification by earning first place.  Collecting points in the Olympia race were Jeff Seid, Steve Mousharbash, William "The Breadman" Sullivan and Craig Capurso.

The Top 5

1. Tory Woodward  
2. Jeff Seid  
3. Steve Mousharbash  
4. William Sullivan  
5. Craig Capurso  

To see pictures of all of the athletes click the following link:

At this point, only two chances remain for the MP Pro's to find their way onto The Olympia stage.  You can be sure the last two qualifying shows before "The O" will be stacked to the max.

New IFBB MP Pro's from the 2013 USA's

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More than xavius gayden170 MP Competitors took the stage at the USA's this year in Vegas with their eye on earning an IFBB Pro card.  Keep in mind that there are no Masters classes at the USA's, only Open.  This means that there are a ton of guys to be spread over six heigth classes and only one age class.  When it was all said and done, 12 men placed well enough to earn their cards.

    Xavisus Gayden  


Pro Card Winners at the Masters Nationals

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TheKeith Baker Masters Nationals 2013 Masters Nationals experienced an incredible turnout.  The IFBB awarded a high number of MP PRO cards (19) at this show, making many of these men's dreams come true.  To earn a card at this show one had to pull off a first or second place in their respective height & age category.  Nearly 70 Men's Physique men stepped on stage in the 35+ age group alone, while more than 50 stepped up in the  40+ groups.  Following are your pro card winners and complete results, but first a quick word from one of the IFBB Pro's on site:

"Masters Men's Physique is no longer "old dudes in board shorts." I was thrilled to return to the event where my pro career began. But, I was not prepared to see how well conditioned, poised and charismatic the field of Masters MP came in this year. Not only have the competitors matured, but so has the division as a whole, which was reflected in the all around professionalism of the competitors and the focused energy they brought to Pittsburgh. Well done!"

-Michael Anderson



Men's Physique IFBB PRO CARD WINNERS at Team U

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AnotherJulian Jean (OVERALL MP WINNER) major NPC show is in the record books.  A solid lineup of well over 100 Men's Physique competitors took the stage in hopes of earning their IFBB Pro card.  There were 6 height classes for the open class, two height classes for Masters 35+ and a single height class for the Masters 40+ group.  Julian Jean took the Open Overall Title while the Master's Overall went to Shawn Labega.  When it was all said and done, the top two placers per open class earned their cards. In addition, the Master's 35+ overall winner and 40+ Masters champ earned pro status as well.  In a hard fought battle, the following men earned their IFBB Pro Cards:


Class A
1. Artem Dolgin  

2. Evan Gryka  


Class B
1. Huan Nguyen  

2. Michael Feeks  


Class C
1. German Pacheco  

2. Thomas Canepa  


Class D
1. Ani Saliasi  

2. Marcus Brito  


Class E
1. Rodney Razor  

2. Chad Demchik    


Class F

1. Julian Jean


2. Sharif Reid


Masters Overall 35+

    Shawn Labega  



Masters 40+
1. Anthony Brigman  


To all of the competitors that put in the blood and sweat to get on the stage in NJ no matter what placing you walked away with, Congratulations!  


For complete contest results visit: