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IFBB Dallas Pro Men's Physique Results

dallasPro2014A total of 18 IFBB Men’s Physique Pro’s took to the stage in Dallas this weekend. A broad mix of veterans and new faces across the division made the trip to the Lonestar stage hoping to walk away with the win. In the end, taking home the first place and automatic Olympia qualification was longtime MP competitor Steve Cook. Also finishing in the top 5 was the first ever MP Pro Matt Christianer.  Following are the final standings for the MP division in this hard fought battle.


Tampa Pro Men's Physique Score Card and Results!

tampa2014comparisonTampa was home to the latest Men’s Physique Pro show. A total of 30 IFBB MP Pro’s took to the stage at the Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Show this Friday. In the end familiar name Sadik Hadzovic took home the first place finish. PHYSIQUE STAR RADIO regular guest Anton Antipov locked down second place. While Tristan Murray, Emmanuel Banks and Michael Ferguson took third through fifth place respectively. Per usual first place locks down a spot on the Olympia stage if the competitor is not already qualified. Places 2nd-5th earn points in the point’s race towards that same goal. As the Olympia is only weeks away, the guys are trying their best to earn one of the few remaining tickets to “The O” so it’s no big surprise that the level of competition from top to bottom of the roster was stacked.


Men's Physique Results 2014 USA's

USA2014ComparisonThis weekend marked yet again one of the largest turnouts in NPC history for the 3.5 year old Men’s Physique Division. Over 170 men took to the stage in the MP Division with hopes of walking away with their very own IFBB Pro card. Of the 170+ men that travelled to Vegas to make this dream a reality, 12 were awarded IFBB pro status.


Misconceptions About The Men’s Physique Division

north americans front comparison class cThe Men’s Physique Division has stirred up tremendous interest and a decent amount of controversy within the IFBB and NPC, with a plethora of fans as well as a camp of haters. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the inception of this division was the door of opportunity which opened for men who were interested in competing on a bodybuilding stage but who did not want to sign up for the rigors of a competitive bodybuilder’s regimen.   As expected, the floodgates opened and the Men’s Physique Division became wildly popular, not just among competitors within the division, but also among its ever-growing fan base worldwide. Sadly, there have been naysayers who have popped up with scathing criticism of the division which echoes the main misconceptions about the division.


Team Universe Men's Physique Report and Stage Pics

AlpYurteriA record number of competitors attended the Team Universe show this year in New Jersey. This is in no small part due to the massive influx of Men’s Physique Competitors flooding the stage as the division continues to pick up steam. As cross-overs are taken into account, over 160 men put on the boardshorts in the open classes in Teaneck spread across six height classes. In the 35+ master’s class, a total of 35 men hit their quarter turns in four height classes in hopes of earning their pro card. Finally in the 40+ master’s class 14 more MP men represented the division proudly divided into two height classes.

Pro cards were awarded across all height and age classes. Congrats to the 18 new IFBB Pro’s as well as the rest of the 160+ men that made all of us Men’s Physique competitors proud!


IFBB Greater Gulf States Men's Physique Pro Report, Results and Stage Pics

AryaSaffaieThis weekend marked another action packed weekend for the IFBB Men's Physique division for both the Open and Masters groups.  Twenty five men squared off in the Open class at the IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro show while thirteen took to the boards in the 35+ Masters. 


Jr. Nationals Results and Stage Pics

jrnat2014This weekend marked the second chance this year for NPC Men's Physique competitors to make the jump to the IFBB at the Jr. Nationals.  The turnout was incredible for the MP division.  It was only outdone in quantity by the number of ladies in the bikini division.  These two divisons made up roughly half of the total number of competitors to take the stage. Whereas it took Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Bodybuilding, Women's Physique, Fitness and Figure to make up the other half. 


German Pacheco Wins in Omaha! Results and Pics

german-pachecoThe Omaha Pro show is now in the record books.  Fourteen MP Pro's took to the stage in hopes of earning their place on the Olympia stage and earn some prize money.




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