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IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Men's Physique Results and Pictures

phoenixcomparison2014Just like the weekend prior, there were two IFBB Men’s Physique Pro shows this past weekend. The report on Dayana Cadeau Classic show has already been posted here on RXMUSCLE so chances are good you have already had a chance to review the stage pics and check out the quality of competition. At the same as the time as the men hit the stage at the Dayana Cadeau show nearly 20 more IFBB PRO MP Competitors took to the stage in Phoenix, AZ.


2014 Dayana Cadeau Classic IFBB Men's Physique Top 3 and Pics

DayanaCadeau2014SlideThe Top 3 results are in for the IFBB Men’s Physique Division at the 2014 Dayana Cadeau Classic. First place with to Anton Antipov as he solidified his spot at the 2015 Olympia. Matt Acton pulled in second coming off of a very recent win while Denis Gusev grabbed the third spot. Eighteen men took to the stage in Coral Springs, Florida to battle it out in this hard fought competition.


Men's Physique Results Ft Lauderdale and Titan's Grand Prix

ftLauderdaleComparison2014It seems that every day I’m saying that the Men’s Physique Division is growing by leaps and bounds. Today is no different. It is now becoming commonplace to have Men’s Physique Pro shows taking place in multiple locations in the USA simultaneously. This weekend was another such weekend. Just weeks after the 2014 Olympia, IFBB Men’s Physique competitors on both sides of the country and everywhere in between flocked to either coast to start on their chase of the 2015 Olympia stage. On the east side of the US we had the Ft. Lauderdale Cup taking place Florida. In the west the Titan’s Grand Prix was a hit.


2014 Men’s Physique Olympia Pre-Show Report & Predictions

2014comparisonEighteen of the top IFBB MP Pros are poised and ready to hit the stage this weekend in Vegas. There has been a lot of talk about who’s going to come out on top and walk away with the 2014 title. So who's it going to be?  I have put together a complete breakdown of the competitors so you will know what to expect from each of these men as they take the stage in hopes of doing just that and making their mark in the Men’s Physique history book.


North American Championships Men's Physique Report, Results & Stage Pics

northamericanslide2014Right on the heels of the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters show this past weekend was the longtime running and very popular North American Championships. The North Americans is one of the last chances each year for NPC competitors to earn their IFBB Pro card. This is of course a main driving factor causing competitors to flock to Pittsburgh for this particular show. Additionally, show promoter Gary Udit always puts on a great show that leaves the majority of competitors walking away from the stage satisfied with their experience. To top it off, Pittsburgh is a town full of character that is a lot of fun to visit. When you mix all of these factors together you can quickly see why the North American Championships are growing in attendance year after year.


IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters Show Report, Results and Stage Pics

2014ifbbpittsburggmastersproThis past Thursday marked the first ever IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters show. All divisions were represented at this particular contest despite a $200.00 fee charged for entry to the competitors. An entry fee for Pro’s is atypical for IFBB Pro contests which is most likely the reason that the MP Pro turnout was smaller than usual. It is our understanding that this entry fee is just part of getting the ball rolling as interest in the Masters division continues to grow nationwide. The Masters Pro show was run on Thursday just prior to and at the same venue as the North Americans which of course has been around for years and scheduled for the prime days of Friday and Saturday.


IFBB Dallas Pro Men's Physique Results

dallasPro2014A total of 18 IFBB Men’s Physique Pro’s took to the stage in Dallas this weekend. A broad mix of veterans and new faces across the division made the trip to the Lonestar stage hoping to walk away with the win. In the end, taking home the first place and automatic Olympia qualification was longtime MP competitor Steve Cook. Also finishing in the top 5 was the first ever MP Pro Matt Christianer.  Following are the final standings for the MP division in this hard fought battle.


Tampa Pro Men's Physique Score Card and Results!

tampa2014comparisonTampa was home to the latest Men’s Physique Pro show. A total of 30 IFBB MP Pro’s took to the stage at the Wings of Strength Tampa Pro Show this Friday. In the end familiar name Sadik Hadzovic took home the first place finish. PHYSIQUE STAR RADIO regular guest Anton Antipov locked down second place. While Tristan Murray, Emmanuel Banks and Michael Ferguson took third through fifth place respectively. Per usual first place locks down a spot on the Olympia stage if the competitor is not already qualified. Places 2nd-5th earn points in the point’s race towards that same goal. As the Olympia is only weeks away, the guys are trying their best to earn one of the few remaining tickets to “The O” so it’s no big surprise that the level of competition from top to bottom of the roster was stacked.




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