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Keep Positive Company

DoTom C you have anyone in your circle of friends or family who are constantly harping about the negative?  These are the people who don't understand why you are doing something and talk about all the things wrong with what you are trying to accomplish.  I have certainly had my share over the years.  When I was in endurance sports for so long and decided to train for my first marathon...many people asked "why in the world would you want to put yourself through that?"  They would make fun of the long hours of running I needed to do to get ready for the race.  When I decided then to do my first Ironman, the negative responses grew even louder.  "You want to do WHAT...for a 140.6 miles?!??"   They question my sanity, why I focused so much time and effort into the sport.  Why I would do century rides on Saturday mornings, or 13 mile runs on Sundays.  In time, I just had to reject the negativity and move forward.  It would have been much easier if they all felt the need to give me some positive feedback, but I understand that some people will never change.


"Staying Afloat" What Does Putting on the Board Shorts Mean to Me?

 Why johnny johnsondo I compete if it’s not to “WIN” or turn PRO?

The way I live my life is my statement to the world, representing by living values, beliefs, and aspirations.  I’m defined by three core values FAMILY, COUNTRY & HONOR.  

Many things are within control, and some things are out of my control.  Knowing the difference gives two options: Surrender or die trying.

One and a half months out from the Governor’s Cup my knee gives way during a lateral movement.  An MRI and Ultra Sound Reveals a meniscus tear and ACL Tear.



  Most Andrew Bukowsky - Marchdays have a sunrise and a sunset, but play no significant role in our lives.  There are those few days however, that have such a profound impact on us that we are not likely to ever forget any moment of that day.  These days can be drastically different for each and every one of us, whether it is a wedding day, the birth of a child, or stepping on stage for a fitness competition.  What we need to make sure of is that we cherish each and every one of these moments.


Tips to Sticking to a Weight Loss Plan


Now 1markthat we are a good ways into the New Year, I hope everyone is still going strong with their resolutions and sticking to their plans.  As many people tend to fall off as the months progress, I’d like to share a few ways you can stay committed and or get started to getting that body you have always wanted. 

I hate using the word “diet” because those never last and people tend to think they are boring.  To be successful with anything you must have a plan, so I like using the terms “weight loss plan” or “lifestyle change” when talking about getting into shape.  Here a few tips to help you stick to your plan and new lifestyle:


Training After 35



Let'sTom Cinzori press downs face it, nothing can be so cruel as time.  When you are young you are filled with energy, on the go and in constant motion.  It is awesome!  You play hard and you crash hard.  Your metabolism is on fire and you can eat like crap day in and day out without bearing any of the consequences.  You can go to the gym and see results almost immediately as your muscles and hormones are primed for growth. However as you get older you get hit with multiple obstacles that take a collective whack at your fitness and health.  Not only does your body naturally start dialing back developing human growth hormone and testosterone, but your bodies become more prone to injury and your ability to build lean muscle becomes more difficult.  Add to that the demands of life as you get older like managing a career, going to school, spending time with your spouse or significant other, taking your kids to practice, and your weekend runs to Home Depot.   No wonder so many people just give up and say the hell with it.  They say, "I don't have the time and my body just does not respond.”


Put Visualization Into Action!

MostPredictable Outcomes everyone understands that they need to put in work to experience results, however what few understand and even fewer practice is what comes before the work! Newton described action with his Principle of Inertia, in that “an object will continue moving at its current velocity until some force causes its speed or direction to change.” How does this apply to our fitness? Well, read on…


Off-Season to In/On-Season

  If youAndrew Bukowsky are a competitor in bodybuilding or fitness competitions, you are likely familiar with the change from off season to in/on season.  This may be your first time starting on season preparation, but for many of us, we already know this is not an easy adjustment.  When you talk about “off season”, many people take this to mean it’s time to let themselves go and consume any and all foods placed in front of them.  I highly recommend avoiding this approach.  Instead, stay focused on eating clean, but ensure you are maintaining an appropriate caloric surplus.  


A Beginners Guide to Muscle Building: 5 Mistakes to Avoid


If Fat-Guy-with-Pink-Dumbbellyou are just getting started with weight training, it can be confusing. You don’t know exactly who you to listen to, everybody seems to have the answers. If you are a complete novice it can be totally over whelming. Do you do straight sets or supersets or giant sets? Do you need post workout carbs? Should you do a split or full body routine? What about high reps to ‘tone’? If you do a Google search on ‘weightlifting for beginners’ there are over 568k results. That is one variation of one term. Everybody has an opinion, from your fat co-worker who thinks they know the best way to get ripped, to Dr. Oz who seems put his name on anything and everything under the sun, provided they pay him for it.   Just a word of advice, the vast majority of information you need to transform your body is available online for free. Browse this website and you’ll get more information than you know what to do with, all without paying a penny. 


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