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Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Theholiday food holidays are a time to appreciate the things we have, spend time with the family, and take a break from our everyday stresses. For most it is also a time of multiple holiday dinners, eating out, and weight gain. Here are some tips that help me survive the holidays without gaining any weight...


Fit For Stage…There Is A Difference

WeNY Pro Stage shot all know that the general population is pretty resistant to the idea of packing on the massive amounts of muscle which are seen in men’s and women’s bodybuilding.  This has made the men’s physique and bikini divisions incredibly enticing since these divisions are represented by a lesser degree of muscularity.  However, it drives me nuts when I hear people proclaim that they are going to jump onstage and compete simply because they are reasonably fit...


We Are ALL Meant for Greatness!

HaveThe Present you ever taken a moment to stop, to just stop and think about what you think about most? As contradictory as that may sound, it could be one of the most important things that you do. You see, we truly do become what we think about. We do become what we surround ourselves with. We do become what we create!


Know You "Why"

I sawJB5 2742 DMXSJIIWHC[1] a great shirt today at the gym that said "know your why."  The statement really stood out to me because the second most popular question that I get asked (behind “Is Brickhouse really your last name?”) is "Why do you work out so much?" 

I'm happy to share my reasons with anyone that wants to listen, and sometimes even those that don't.  However, knowing my "why" may not be your answer. Whether it’s why you work at a particular job, why you have a particular habit, or even why you are with a certain person, knowing your reasons are what's important...


Are You Hardcore?

YouDWt24 hear it a lot in bodybuilding and fitness industry, "I'm hardcore.” So what makes someone hardcore? The answer will of course vary depending on who you talk to. Is it working out three hours a day? Maybe it’s doing two hours of fasted cardio a day. Or is it going no-carb, no-fat, and drastically cutting your calories? Is it giving up your entire social life, family, and any hobbies? Maybe it’s spending every last dollar you have on supplements and competing. Is it the combination of all the above things? I mean that all sounds "hardcore," right?


The POWER of “2”

Whether2013-04-05 22.04.45 you are training hard as a bodybuilder or physique competitor, our sport is largely an individual sport where one is often left to figure it all out on their own and, compared to other pursuits, a greater number of things can, and will go wrong along the path to success.

For example, the pre-competition phase demands a number of critical steps to be followed before one steps onstage: diet, training, supplementation, posing and mindset all need to be worked on and perfected before competitive success can be realized...


Find Your Why!

ItIt's Not Enough... happens to all of us, no matter who we are; the feeling as if we are going through the motions. Those times when we’re not quite sure why we are doing what we are doing, and instead of acknowledging just how far we have come, we dwell on how far we have to go. During these times one of the most important things we can do is to find our Why!

Our Why is one of the most important things that we all have. It is the deep-seeded reason for what we do in our lives and what keeps us going when things get tough! However if we do not have a strong enough Why, we will lack the motivation to keep us moving forward. Our Why must be something that we are highly attached to and willing to protect at all costs!


Differences and Resulting Drama in The Fitness Industry

The Derek Chaincyclical nature of things is very real and no different within the fitness community. One thing that seems to come to the forefront every so often is drama, but it certainly doesn’t have to! It seems anytime there is a mass of people doing one thing that spreads rather fast, many are waiting to combat it without even really looking into it. We must remember that there really aren’t a lot of absolutely brand new things being done; they just may have not been done in great numbers previously or in a while. We must also remember that for something to catch momentum there really must be something to it and that is where we should focus our efforts!




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