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Peach Protein Frittata Recipe

peachdishI absolutely love this dish and would eat it every day!!
Try it out and let me know what you think!

For this recipe I used a pea protein instead of the traditional whey you see more commonly.

Peas have no major allergens and are great for post-workout nutrition for athletes who may have difficulty supplementing with other types of protein.


When In Doubt… Write It Out!

JayHallStageFood…the final frontier.

There I was, in line at the grocery store while sporting the usual sweaty tank top after a workout. As the cashier rings me up she says, “I’ve been trying to lose weight and I eat pretty clean and balanced, am I doing something wrong?” I replied, “Well how much are you eating in a day total?” After a long pause, she answered, “I don’t know.” Then I probably said something witty, smiled, put on my sunglasses like Horatio from CSI and walked away in slow motion.


Drink Diet Soda, Lose Weight?!?

diet-sodasA recent study published in the journal Obesity sent shockwaves through the health and fitness community like nothing seen in recent months. The study, declaring that you could drink diet soda and lose weight, seemed counter-intuitive and left many personal trainers scratching their heads.


Worth Your Weight in Salt – Why Some Salt Is Good

saltSalt has gotten a bad rap due to its rampant overuse in the food and restaurant industries and its potential to elevate blood pressure in susceptible individuals...


Clean Eating vs. IIFYM

Good-food-vs-iifymSo, a very highly debated topic lately is clean eating versus IIFYM. For those of you that are not clear on what IIFYM stands for, it’s "If It Fits Your Macros". My goal with this article is not to change anyone's opinion on either one. My goal is to simply inform everyone of how IIFYM works. What I have found is almost every post I see about IIFYM is loaded with misinformation on how IIFYM works.


Top 10 Cutting Tips!

AsTWIST I prepare for my upcoming photo shoots, I am constantly searching for new ways to help me in my fight against hunger. Dropping body fat and cutting weight is not easy, especially when you wait till the last minute like I tend to do. Crash course diets will only leave you rebounding and gaining weight back immediately after you go back to normal life. I have compiled a list of 10 of my favorite items that I have stumbled upon in my quest to stay shredded...


Rice: More Than Just White Versus Brown!

Itrice used to be accepted in the fitness world that brown rice was the healthier option and the best rice to include in your diet when body fat levels are a concern.  But recently opinion has become divided as to which is the better choice, so it’s not surprising that one of the most common questions I am asked is: 

“Is it better to include brown rice in my diet as opposed to white?”

But as you will see, perhaps the better question to ask would be:

“Is it better to include long grain rice in my diet as opposed to short grain?”


Diet Breaks During a Mass Gaining Phase

AsAdam Bates Abs I touched on with my previous article, there are many important factors to consider during a mass gaining phase that are often over-looked and a mass gaining phase is rarely given the same attention to detail that a trainee would give their pre-contest diet.

One thing in particular that is often overlooked during a mass gaining phase is the negative impact of a prolonged caloric surplus and increased amounts of carbohydrates.  As you may know, during a dieting phase, metabolic and hormonal adaptations occur that negatively impact muscle mass and fat burning potential.  These include a reduction in resting testosterone levels, a rise in cortisol levels and the metabolic rate begins to decrease.




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