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What makes you relevant in the fitness industry?

jake phippen2As an IFBB Pro and coach, I ask future competitors, "Why do you want to compete?" I get numerous different answers but the most common answer is, "I want to be a Pro and get all those sponsors!" This response makes me laugh a bit. Although they are great goals and keep athletes driving to accomplish them, it's always disheartening to let the cat out of the bag and inform them it's not that cut and dry or realistic to believe if you compete you’ll automatically turn Pro and get sponsored.


Social Media: A Double-Edged Sword?

If Body Fuse Social Media logos facebook twitter instagram youtubeyou are serious about competing and want to build a career in the fitness industry then you have probably been exploring the various social media platforms and trying to build your name and brand.  Of course, you want to push for the most followers you can get, as well as build a fan base which boosts your credibility in the eyes of supplement companies.  As your numbers grow, your name will become more well-known and you can claim – without bluffing – that you have inspired thousands of people.

However, with more followers come more problems, most commonly the jerks and the haters...


Make Time For Social Media

YouSocial Media Icons must be living under a rock somewhere if you have yet to jump on the social media bandwagon.   Thankfully, the majority of you are already relatively active within the world of social media.  Perhaps you have slacked off on certain platforms due to a lack of time or boredom, but bear in mind that electronic media avenues provide an easy means by which you can reach a huge target audience, especially if a post goes viral...



I ToddLAGrandPrixSidelove to train.  Intense, hardcore, high rep, heavy weight sets, conducted over short training sessions.  This is what gets me fired up.  It is my passion and my desire to better myself each day.

The reason I am telling you this, is that every day when I walk into the gym, I have one goal in mind. To work harder, to grow and to achieve more than I did the previous session.  Knowing I have given it my all, pushed through my mental limits and have added more value to my business today, I continue on to improve my physique and have bettered the overall top line for my business.


How Did DJ Land This Cover?

Fitness Ironman Coverwas always something I loved and really excelled at. I grew up a three sport athlete, so being physical was what I lived to do. Being a professional baseball player was my only option as a young man. After having a couple major arm surgeries my dream was gone, needless to say I was crushed! Fast forward years later and the love to compete physically was still imbedded in me, so I searched….then I found the fitness industry.



ThereIronMan Magazine Real Picture p. 150-151 are many great agents and managers in the entertainment and modeling business.  I have the great pleasure of working with great agencies and an awesome manager.  Unfortunately, there are many FAKERS that aren't even in the industry that are looking to take advantage of people new to the business.  Recently, I was approached by a FAKER.  I have been in the business long enough to sniff out  BS.  As soon as I got my first sniff of dung from this guy I knew what  I had to do.  As the Editor-in-Chief of I owe it to our readers, my fellow competitors and hopeful fitness models to expose guys like this.  With this tought in mind, I decided to egg him on and see what all he had to say.  Consequenly, I was able to get him to expose his ignorance while at the same time collecting information to share with you.  This will teach you the right questions to ask to find out if someone is legit.  Following is the actual conversation

Jonathan GQ

hey studd

Sign with anyone modeling agency wise or interested? Add me on Facebook and follow me On Instagram for details about Fitness modeling here in NYC

Ian Lauer Ifbb Pro

Already represented. Thanks though!


How NOT To Get Sponsored



Everyonehorrible way to approach a supplement company is looking for a sponsorship. Many people bring a lot to the table. Some of these folks know how to leverage what they bring to actually benefit the company they are courting. It is only a select few of these athletes that actually find their way into spokesperson positions. As you can imagine, it is not an easy position to attain and there are many worthy athletes that unfortunately are unable to land the coveted spot.

All that being said, it is imperative that you understand the power of your social media presence if you want to be one of those few that get the position. Your presence online and your ability to live up to it in person WILL MAKE or BREAK YOU! We have recently had a couple of articles here on teaching you how to land that sponsorship, so I won’t keep harping on specifics at this point. What I will do is share with you a real life HYSTERICAL attempt at getting sponsored.


Growing Your Online Training Business: PART I


The mostbusiness growth valuable commodity you have is your time and time management is not the solution. As a matter of fact, time management is a myth as time is unmanageable. The only thing you can manage are your choices you make with the same 24 hours of time everyone else has. So, from this point forward, I want to coach you to focus on “choice management” and abandon the myth of “time management”.

There are two discoveries within the areas of time and choices to look at as we begin to dig in to making money in training.  

Discovery Number One: There are only so many people you can train “in person” each day. This puts a cap on your earning capabilities as you drive revenue through billable hours.

Discovery Number Two: There is an obvious growing trend of online trainers.

This is where you get to make a choice of HOW you exchange your hours for dollars. A little bit of research shows you can make three-four times the amount of money as an online trainer vs. one-on-one, in person trainer. So, the decision is yours.  You are trading hours for dollars, it’s that simple. Online training has the greatest opportunity for growth. Also keep in mind, as you grow your online business, reputation, and client base, you will continue to feed people into your daily schedule of in person training. The objective is balance of revenue sources as you grow your business.




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