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Worlds Strongest Man, Los Angeles - Qualifying Updates



The 2014 Worlds Strongest Man qualifying is well under way in Los Angeles with very few issues or problems. After 3 days of qualifying all five of the groups, there are some surprisingly new names in the top 3 of each group as well as the usual pack of former finalists.


Dan McKim, Arnold Sports Festival Highland Games Pro Winner



Dan McKim wins the 2nd annual Arnold Sports Festival Mens Pro Highland Games Championships in Columbus, Ohio. Dan talks about the Permafrost layer they had to deal with as well as setting a new North American Light Hammer record.


2014 Worlds Strongest Man Athletes, Schedule and Events!





Rack Squat Variables



Traditionally there are two types of Rack Squats, both of which are underused in my opinion.  The first variation of the Rack Squat involves lowering the bar down to the pins inside of a power cage and pausing for just a few seconds then exploding back up with the weight.  The second variation is the harder variation (and utilized even less) and involves starting the lift with the bar resting on the pins.  Both have value under the right circumstance.  The first variation of the lift we shall just call the Rack Squat which is differentiated in namesake from the second variation:  the Dead-Stop Rack Squat.  In this article we will look solely at the first variation of the Rack Squat where the bar is actively lowered to the pins on each rep. 


Caffeine Dosage for Optimal Health and Performance



Affectionately dubbed as the working world’s fuel, caffeine renders virtually immeasurable effects on physiological systems, which impact physical and mental performance. Given confounding media reports and poorly designed research studies, many medical professionals and fitness professionals are left to ponder what sources and dosages are required for optimal elicitation of caffeine’s effects.


WSM 2014 In Los Angeles in less than 5 Days!



The World’s Strongest Man contest is the brainchild of IMG executive Barry Frank, who told IronMind he wanted to entertain people in their leisure time; and for more than three decades, Mr. Frank has done just that as men of mastadonic proportions lift, pull and otherwise pit their strength against massively defiant objects that in the past have even included a Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport plane.  Explaining the show's concept at its most fundamental level, Mr. Frank said that people enjoy watching things they can’t do, and that extraordinary feats of strength fit the bill perfectly. 


Powerlifting Double Event: Fundraiser and Guinness Record!



Oregon powerlifters Chris Duffin and Adrian Larsen will attempt to set new records in a Guinness-sanctioned strength exhibition on Sunday, March 16, at Elite Performance Center.

Both lifters will offer free deadlift and bench press clinics to interested athletes after they have completed their lifts.

The event will be open to the public, and donations will be collected to benefit Portland powerlifter and bouncer Brian Rizzo. Rizzo was shot on Jan. 11 while working at the Mystic Gentleman’s Club.


Kate Barsky’s 2nd Annual Alive and Jiving



 My friend Kate Barsky from XAthletes.ca needs our help. After develivering a healthy child, within day she was in the hospitall several times and was misdiagnosed more than a half a dozen times. After gaining mroe than 100lbs in 2 weeks time, a cardiologist happened to see her xray and asked who the patient was. She was immediately admitted with Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure. After more than a year in the hospital and related therapies, she has come back in a big way by being a competitive strength athlete and helping promote strength sports to their fullest in British Columbia and beyond.


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