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Aussie Muscle Radio #92! 20 year old Physique competitor James Cant + 2min with a Scientist!


Aussie Muscle Radio #92!

Hosted by Xavier Wills, Scott Goble & Michael Galley!

Brought to you by Muscle Nutrition


- 20 year old Men's Physique competitor James Cant interview.

- Andy Bell interview: talk about training under Milos + much more!

- 2min with a scientist ATP NEW pain product (Matt Legge).

- Greatest Olympia's of all time (2009)

- Flex Lewis to do the Open Olympia?

- Xavier's video blog- www.youtube.com/XavierAWills 

- Click here to download the podcast.

- Ask Scotty segment + bodybuilding yes or no!

- All this week on Aussie Muscle Radio!




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