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Muscle Girls Inc (8/23/11): IFBB Figure Pro Mikaila Soto!


MUSCLE GIRLS INC The Next Generation!

IFBB Figure Pro Mikaila Soto joins Muscle Girls Inc and discusses her near-death experience and how she managed to prepare for this weekend's IFBB Phoenix Pro Show!


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Muscle Girls Inc (8/16/11): IFBB Pro Robyn Mentgen! Plus: Recapping the 2011 Dallas Europa Super Show!

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MUSCLE GIRLS INC The Next Generation!

IFBB Pro Robyn Mentgen earned her pro status by taking the Overall title in Women's Bodybuilding at the 2011 NPC USA's. Robyn shares the fine balance between presonal prep and coaching others!  When will we see Robyn compete as a pro?  Find out tonight, on Muscle Girls Inc!

Dianna and Cristina recap the 2011 Europa Super Show in Dallas!  Plus: The ladies of Muscle Girls Inc share their most embarassing moments in the gym.

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