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Logan Franklin to Jeremy Buendia: "I'm Trying to Beat Your A**"

Logan Franklin joins Dave Palumbo on RXMuscle's "Iron Road to the Olympia" (powered by Yamamoto Nutrition and Pro Tan USA).

Franklin, winner of the 2017 Dallas Europa, has been one of the fast rising stars of the men's physique division - and in the conversation of candidates that can challenge for Jeremy Buendia's reign in the division.

Recently, Franklin came to the forefront of the bodybuilding social media an news when he engaged in a verbal feud over Instagram with Buendia. Franklin lets it be known in this interview that he's not coming to Las Vegas to kiss the 3-time Olympia champ's rings.

It's Logan Franklin on RXMuscle's Iron Road to the Olympia, powered by Yamamoto Nutrition and Pro Tan USA, on RXMuscle.com.

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