Back Blaster Routine


Toarnold back build a huge back you have to make sure to work the entire back. The back is made up of many muscle groups that all need to be worked.  Be sure you are not neglecting any portion of the back. The following workout has worked well for me and my clients. Try it out for a few weeks and let me know what you think

-Wide grip pull up superset with close grip underhand chin ups - 3 sets to failure

-Dead lifts                              2 warm-up, 3 x 6-10

-T-Bar Rows                         3 x 8-12

-One-arm Dumbbell Rows    2 x 8-10

-Seated Low Cable Rows     3 x 8, 3rd set a triple drop

-Lat Pull downs                      3 x 8-10


As in all exercises concentrate on form, full range of motion and squeeze. Really feel the squeeze in your back. Make sure not to swing with your pull ups and chin ups. Use perfect form with those dead lifts as well. Don’t hyper extend the lower back at the top of the movement or round the back getting the weight up and off the floor. Keep your core tight with the one-arm dumbbell rows and again really squeeze that back. When you finish with lat pull downs your back is going to be pretty fried so focus on isolating the Lats and keep yourself from swinging to get the weight down. This workout should annihilate your back and build the thickness as well as the width. Facebook me and let me know what you think of it after you try it. Stay healthy.


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