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         People DSC 7772 WJTTPESINKmake the mistake of doing the same body part on the same day every single week. The body recognizes this and it can stop your desired results dead in their tracks! I see it in the gym every day, Monday is national chest day, and Wednesdays seem to be national leg day (for those few that actually do legs). Switch up your routines and days to get the results you want!

      If you are just starting out in the gym then you may not be ready for this strategy.  The reason is your body is going to be challenged more easily and change the way you desire on a more basic routine.  So what am I saying?  Let me put it this way: if you can get drunk off of two beers why drink a six pack? It’s overkill. In time you will be ready to challenge yourself in new ways.  When that is the case you can give this a try.

    This approach is meant for people who have been through the grind and found that they’ve just ran into a brick wall.  What you want to do is sit down and evaluate each body part and create a list from weakest to strongest. Weaknesses can be decided on either actual size or strength.  This depends upon which you want to improve the most. I understand not all of us train for the same reason and some people’s number one goal is looks while for others it is to be strong.

    Back to the list…The top of your list (Weakest areas) is what you should focus on in the beginning of the week when your mind and body are fresh from the weekend. For example; legs have always been my weakest body part, and my arms were the strongest. So Mondays & Fridays were my leg days and I split up my arms to be worked in with the larger muscle groups of shoulders and back. I picked my Monday to be my heavy leg day where I would squat, leg press, stiff legs, and hack squat. Monday was my heavy day because I would have all this excess energy from my uninhibited eating habits over the weekend. Friday was detail day, where I would focus on leg extensions, curls, walking lunges and really concentrate on the squeeze and muscle separation.

    You can utilize this type of split for any body part you want to bring up whether it be chest, back, shoulders, calves or even arms (arms are a little bit tricky). In the end you want to break up the monotony of your weekly routine and challenge your body.

IFBB Pro Angel Cordero

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