2014 Dayana Cadeau Classic IFBB Men's Physique Top 3 and Pics

AntonAntipovCoralThe Top 3 results are in for the IFBB Men’s Physique Division at the 2014 Dayana Cadeau Classic. First place went to Anton Antipov as he solidified his spot at the 2015 Olympia. Matt Acton pulled in second coming off of a very recent win while Denis Gusev grabbed the third spot. Eighteen men took to the stage in Coral Springs, Florida to battle it out in this hard fought competition. To see stage pictures from the show of your favorite competitors, just click on their name below or go straight to the comparison shots to see if you agree with the judges.


Comparison Photos


1. Anton Antipov                          
2. Matthew Acton  
3. Denis Gusev  
    John Arteberry  
    Emmanuel Banks  
    Michael Barnt  
    Justin Busiere
    Michael Feeks  
    Reuben Gordon  
    David Herskovitz  
    Shawn Labega  
    Yahshua Manley  
    Jermaine Ward  
    Sheridan Hause Jr  
    Nathaniel Hernandez  
    George O'Banyoun  
    Geobanny Paula  
    Butch Rolle  




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