Preparing Food for Success

One of the biggest challenges in reaching your health crockpotand fitness goals is proper eating. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel better you must have your proper nutrition in place. Having proper nutrition in place is takes planning and preparation. If we tried to eat healthy without having meals planned out and food prepared in advance we would fail. Cooking in bulk is the secret. Cooking in bulk is the best way to prepare food. Again if you tried to cook a chicken breast every time you needed to eat you would spend a lot of time cooking. So here are some great ways to prepare food to succeed.


Cook 3lbs of chicken breasts, steaks, sirloin burgers, turkey breasts, salmon, etc on the grill or in a broiler and store in Tupperware containers. This would be enough for 6-10 meals!

Steam a whole pot of veggies so that you have enough for a day or two of meals.

Buy a rice cooker. Rice cookers make cooking and preparing your rice so easy. The sky is the limit with how much rice you can cook at a time. You can find rice cookers fairly cheap, $25-$45.

Ease with a crock Pot. Many people forget how easy it is to prepare food with a crock pot. The nice thing about a crock pot is, like a rice cooker, you can put the food into cook and walk away or go to bed and when you come back food is done. Put an entire package of chicken breasts in the pot with salsa and you have salsa chicken. It will be so tender it will fall apart. Another idea is make a stew. Throw lean steak, potatoes, veggies, etc in and let set. Dish into portion sizes.

After you make your food there are a few ways to store it. The first is to put all of one type of food in a large Tupperware to dish out portion sizes later. The other is to put your meals together proportioned in individual Tupperware so you can grab and go. Both work well and the choice is really a personal preference. The biggest thing to be concerned with is making sure you get your portion sizes correct so do what works best for you. I always proportion individual meals the night before so I can grab my cooler the next morning and go. Making things simple and effective is the way to succeed. If you are not prepared and have no game plan you will fail. Success starts with a plan and happens with execution of that plan.

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