Romano Rage

Wipe the Bench Off. . . Or Don't?

I've come to tolerate many things in the gym that I would never tolerate anywhere else. I guess that tolerance has grown over time because back in the day no one would ever get away with some of the shit people get away with today. I'm talking about stuff like wonton little nerds sitting on a machine during primetime reading a book between sets like they are the only one in the gym, oblivious to the line of people waiting to use the thing. . . idiots who step in front of me while I'm in the middle of a set and block the mirror. . . people who take every pair of dumbbells from the 20s on down to some obscure corner of the gym to do walking lunges or some other useless exercise and never bring them back. . . and, as you can imagine, there's more.


Coffee Blue: Can I Just Get a Cup of Coffee?

A week ago, I was out in LA standing on line at your basic trendy coffee joint that no upper-middle-class Main Street would be without these days. I sort of fell in with the eclectic band of Angelinos trying to feel like I really belonged there, even though I abandoned the place nearly 15 years ago. Although I was no longer one of them, many of us sported that same kind of vacant malaise that is common among early risers until we got a little help from our morning cup of joe; and for me it's mandatory before a workout.


The Shadow of Gold!

I've been to Gold's Gym in Venice, California (the "Mecca of bodybuilding") twice in the last 14 years.  Before that I was there every single day-- sometimes twice in one day-- since 1979. The first revisit was about five years ago. My last visit was this past week. This last one was particularly nostalgic because I was staying at a friend's house who lived five blocks from where I lived in Venice all those years ago. It was hard enough being back there and noticing how the city had grown up without me.


Anyone Seen Kynoselen?

Derek Anthony recently asked me if I've ever heard of Kynoselen.  I first heard of it a few years ago when I was living in Mexico, but have yet to see any in either country. Kynoselen is a vitamin/mineral supplement from France that is gaining popularity in the U.S. as a secret weapon in the bodybuilding arsenal; supposedly.  According to what I've been able to find on the internet, Kynoselen, or "Kyno" as it is refereed, is a veterinary drug used to inhibit protein breakdown in animals.


Sports Are Giving Steroids A Bad Name!

I was ranting to my father the other day about the latest kink in the baseball steroid scandal when he reminded me about a study he conducted in medical school in Rome.  He and a fellow researcher conducted a study on the effects of deca duradolin in combating muscle wasting in starving pigeons.  Why deca?  Because it had just come out and his professor asked him if he would like to conduct the study.  Why pigeons?  there are a lot of pigeons in Rome... Anyway, his study concluded that deca was safe and efficacious in treating muscle wasting.  The study was published in 1956.


What Do the Pros Take?

Many of you wonder; many of you ask; but why doesn't anyone really know? It's such a powerful question because the top guys are so over the top that you just can't imagine the standard training and performance-enhancing fare we are all privy to can produce the physiques that comprise the very zenith of bodybuilding? I mean, if it was, we would all look like that, right? Could it be possible we're just talking test and tren here?  Nahhh.... Couldn't be.  It has to be something else, right?


I Paid For a Whole Seat!

I was boarding a non-stop flight from Florida to LA.  I found my row, and stuffed into the window seat was a woman who had to weigh at least 350.  Her heft was only eclipsed by her 450 pound husband sitting next to her in the center seat. Without exaggerating an inch, at least 1/3 of my isle seat was obliterated by the prodigious ass of chubby hubby.  Not only was his huge ass taking up a good portion of my seat, but he had insolently pulled the arm rest up so the rest of his mass could ooze out into my allotted space.


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