Q&A With Dr Blau

Dr Blau Talks About New Gynecomastia Book: Masculinity Defined!



Dr Blau Talks About New Gynecomastia Book: Masculinity Defined!  Are you embarassed by drooping pecs?  Embarassed to take off your shirt in public?  You're gonna wanna see this!



Dave Palumbo Gets Skin Checkup from Dr Blau!



Dave Palumbo Gets Skin Checkup from Dr Blau!   How safe is your skin?



Ask Dr. Blau: How Botox Works For Men And Women!

Ask Dr. Blau: Dr Blau Taks About Botox And How Botox Works For Men And Women! 




My Story – Gyno Surgery: Part 2

PlasticSurgery1When “Part 1 of My Story: Gyno Surgery” left off, I was about to get on a plane with my fiancé to New York to finally have my long awaited surgery with Dr. Blau. We arrived in Westchester, New York almost 2 months from when I had first reached out to Dave Palumbo on email seeking advice and help. Once we landed and got settled into to our hotel we tried to make ourselves as comfortable as possible. With this procedure, Dr. Blau insists his out of town patients stay for 4-5 days following surgery in case there are any complications, but also for a follow up visit and to remove bandages. Prior to flying up, he also mailed a booklet with detailed instructions and restrictions of things I couldn’t do prior to surgery and in the days following. He placed a special emphasis on bodybuilders stopping all supplements right down to whey protein drinks and multi-vitamins. And naturally he wanted movement to be limited until the follow-up visit – no training, no sex, and no unnecessary walking around.


Gyno Surgery - My Story Part 1

mattWhere do I begin with this story? Gynecomastia affects more than 50% males world-wide. Odds are that you or somebody you know has it. And to make matters worse, doctors don’t really know what causes it. In bodybuilding, we automatically assume somebody got it from using a steroid that aromatizes like test and dbol, or, if you’re really unlucky, a progesterone induced case from tren or deca. But the truth is, just about anything can cause male breast tissue to grow. I developed my gynecomastia long before I ever took my first shot of test or blew up 30lb with dbol.


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