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Who Will Be the 1st Mega Cheeseburger Chow Down Champion?

EVENT:  Mega Cheeseburger Chow Down
WHERE: TENDER TRAP (1850 Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY)
WHEN:  Saturday January 15, 2011
TIME:  9:00pm EST


Who out there doesn't like to eat a nice juicy cheeseburger?  After all, it's America's food!   There's just something about a nice slab of cooked-to-perfection chopped beef topped with melted cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and ketchup on a nice fresh hamburger bun.  The saliva in my mouth is starting to run already.

Charley's-CheeseburgerBecause bodybuilders love to pound down protein-laden meals in their ever-yearning desire to pack on exorbitant amounts of muscle, I feel that eating challenges are as relevant to the iron sport as drop sets, super sets, and high intensity training.

We've conquered the 76oz steak at J&R's Steakhouse in Islip, NY; we've tackled The Melt Challenge in Cleveland, OH; we were pummeled by the Porkburger Challenge in Syosset, NY; we nearly had a coronary at The Heart Attack Grill in Phoenix, AZ; and we've chowed pizza at the Rx Muscle Studios in Westbury, NY.  This coming Saturday, January 15th, however, will be the granddaddy of them all-The Mega Cheeseburger Chow Down!  Who will be the fastest eater to knock down 4lbs of chopped meat, cheese, condiments, and bun?   Can it even be done?

Tender Trap Gentleman's Club in Huntington, NY will be playing host to this coming Saturday's eating festivities.  Just about now you may be wondering what eating challenges and naked women could possibly have in common. . .  and you would be correct in asking that question.  The honest answer, however, is "Absolutely nothing!"   Vinny Bolger, the owner and operator of Tender Trap, is a hardcore bodybuilder and he knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity.  Having cheated death 3 times by overcoming enormous odds and defeating testicular cancer, Vinny likes to see a tough challenge. When I asked him about holding an eating contest, he insisted that it be something that a "normal" person couldn't do.  Well, eating a 4lb cheeseburger definitely qualifies as something extraordinary!  And whoever proves to be man or woman enough to do it the fastest, will become the 1st Mega Cheeseburger Chow Down Champion!   And you know what that means; major bragging rights on Rx Muscle!


Who will be throwing their weight belts into this "ring of competitive eating" fire?   The challenges come from various walks of life:

Porkburger Challenge Champion (and NPC Nationals Heavyweight Runner-up) Juan "Diesel" Morel has shown that his appetite is almost as big as his arms.

Pizza Eating Champion (2 pies in 7 minutes) Furious Pete Czerwinski is a seasoned eating champion who holds many eating records.  He's the "ringer" in the group if that's even possible in competitive eating.



`Juan Pete


Meat-Eating Champion (5lbs in 30 min) Maria "The Incredible" Sulkin is the lone woman in the group.  Will she prove, once and for all, that a sexy woman can pound down a mega cheeseburger better than any man?

Isolyze Shake-Drinking Runner-up Jeremey Vasquez has shown that his eating prowess is as good as the other competitors.  He's been improving from contest to contest, and this might just be his chance to peak!


MariaSulkin Jeremey


J&R Steak Eating Champion, Big J1 Goldberg, has not only knocked off a 76oz steak, but he's also crippled The Melt Challenge (13 varieties of cheese weighing in at over 5lbs).  His only weakness being coleslaw, this Mega Cheeseburger Chow Down is devoid of side dishes and seems tailor made for the big guy!




Who will win the Olympia of Eating Challenges? To find out, come down and join The Rx Muscle Whack Pack, LIVE, on Saturday January 15th at 9pm at Tender Trap in Huntington, NY.  All are welcome!   To add to all the excitement, PARTY 105 Radio Station will be broadcasting LIVE from Tender Trap to cover all the eating festivities.  Be sure to tune in your FM radio dials to PARTY 105 to hear all the excitement as it happens (or tune into the PARTY 105 WEBSITE).

For those of you who can't make it or listen to it on the radio, stay tuned for up-to-the-minute results only on www.rxmuscle.com!