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Heavy Muscle Radio and "Access Bodybuilding" Dominate Monday Nights!

Heavy Muscle Radio has been a fixture on the RxMuscle.com website ever since its inception in February 2009.  Every Monday night at 7pm EST, the Rx Muscle listeners have been privy to "The Truth in hmr-1Bodybuilding". . . complete with news stories of the day, celebrity bodybuilder interviews, cutting edge science, and tons of entertaining news tidbits.   Originally co- hosted by Dave Palumbo and John Romano, the show now features Dave Palumbo and two great accomplished muscle correspondents- Chris "The Technician" Aceto and Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman-covering every aspect of the world of bodybuilding.  New show segments include "The Guru Q&A" which covers topics pertaining to contest preparation and offseason muscle building, and "Ask Dave" in which Dave answers any and all questions posed to him by the listening audience.

As we enter approach 2011, Heavy Muscle Radio has, once again, evolved to bring you even more exciting news reporting.  How so, you ask?  Well, Monday December 20th marked a new era in physique radio reporting with the addition of "Access Bodybuilding" co-hosted by the Yuckmouth Yenta himself, "Jewbacca" Singerman, and beautiful IFBB Bikini Pro, Stacey Thompson.  Aaron and Stacey bring you the latest gossip and human interest stories throughout the deep-reaching physique world of the NPC and IFBB.  These two will fill you in on who's dating, who's broken up, who's been arrested, and who's starring in the next big Hollywood movie.   If it's newsworthy, Access Bodybuilding will be there first!

With Rx Muscle's Heavy Muscle Radio and Access Bodybuilding, Mondays are now the most exciting day of the week!

Catch the first dual episode of Heavy Muscle Radio and Access Bodybuilding HERE