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Musclemag Closes Doors & Declares Bankruptcy

musclemagEarlier today Robert Kennedy Publishing, which is responsible for Musclemag, Oxygen, and Reps magazines, shut its doors and sent its employees home. Musclemag was established by in 1974, but as of today, the magazine, along with the other titles are done. You won’t be receiving any more copies in the mail, and you won’t be able to buy the magazine in the grocery store. And Robert Kennedy Publishing is in the process of declaring bankruptcy.


Hobbies of a Bodybuilder. Choice or Circumstance?


Hobbies of a bodybuilder. Choice or Circumstance? 

"My Hobbies just sort of gradually became my vocation." - Al Yankovic

I like this quote by Al Yankovic because if you ask most people in the bodybuilding community what they do for a vocation… an overwhelming consensus is personal training, contest prep, nutrition, etc. Invariably, there came a time when many people switched their vocation to something that would suit this lifestyle. I'm a prime example… an attorney switching to personal trainer and fitness consultant. Now, I work in marketing for an elite supplement company (SPECIES NUTRITION).  In effect, this was all possible because I got into bodybuilding and the vocation suited the lifestyle.


Victor's Next Move?

1-1One of  the most dominant forces in the bodybuilding industry over the last decade took a jarring hit this weekend at the New York Pro, and potentially provided us with a glimpse into the future landscape of bodybuilding. In the run-up to this year’s New York Pro many had heard the hype or ‘myth’ surrounding big Ramey, the beast from the Middle East,  but few expected him to live up to the high expectations placed upon him by those in his camp and over at Flex for his pro debut. Not only did Ramy live up to these expectations, but he shattered them, and no one was more decimated by this than the former New York champ Victor Martinez.


NPC April Athletes Of Month

ATHLETE-OF-THE-MONTH-APRIL13-GOODPITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA (May 29, 2013) - The National Physique Committee and Gaspari Nutrition have chosen seven competitors  - Daniel McDonald, Jeremy Buendia, Jennifer Childs, Grace Ripslinger, Edith Waggoner, , Samantha Sage and Lisa LaBrie - as NPC Athletes of the Month for the month of April.


Canadian Bodybuilding, Ehh?

CanadaTypically when I think aboot Canada my first thoughts are freezing cold temperatures, hockey, legal weed, and free health care. But in bodybuilding, O Canada has delivered some of the most charismatic and polarizing bodybuilders the IFBB has ever seen. Ben Pakulski, Frank McGrath, Fouad Abiad, and Antoine Vaillant have all become international bodybuilding superstars hailing from a country whose amateurs receive little exposure compared to their American counterparts. These men aren’t just excellent bodybuilders, but great marketers too. 


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