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FMG Signs First Male Athlete: Mark Anthony

mark-anthony-carbsToday marks a new day in Fitness Management Group history.  For the first time in the 18 year existence of the company FMG has added their first male athlete, IFBB Professional League Men’s Physique athlete Mark Anthony.


The Rise Of The 212s

212RiseFor those sleeping on the current state of bodybuilding it’s safe to say you’re missing out on something big happening. For as long as I’ve followed bodybuilding I don’t remember there being this much disdain with the direction many competitors are taking their physiques. While I don’t mind the comic book science experiment bodybuilder, many want it to go away. Change may one day come, but classic bodybuilding is right in front of everyone’s face in the 212 division.


USN BodyPower Classic


New for 2013, the BodyPower Expo is proud to present the USN BodyPower Classic
In a giant step towards raising the profile of bodybuilding within the UK, the BodyPower Expo is building upon a long standing relationship with USN, to take competitive amateur bodybuilding to the next level. 


BodyPower’s Biggest Line-up Yet!


As BodyPower gears up for its 5th instalment, billed as the best year yet and anticipating up to 40,000 visitors through its doors over 17th-19th May, the number of world renowned athletes featuring in this year’s line-up seems to know no bounds.


Stephanie McMahon: WWE’s Full Time Bad Ass


DSC 0252Do you ever wonder how the WWE’s Stephanie McMahon has managed to maintain a body that would rival an IFBB bikini pro or even one of her own pro wrestling Divas? It’s not like she hasn’t been busy the past few years. With her famous hubby Triple H, the two have welcomed three beautiful baby girls to their family all the while putting in typical 12 hour work days that she seems to shrug off as business as usual.


Stephanie’s typical day is like most full time executives in the corporate world—with just a tad bit more attention to detail on her diet and training than the average working mom. The alarm goes off at 6am. She heads into the kitchen to make her Species Nutrition Isolyze protein drink and downs a handful of her nutritionist, Dave Palumbo’s recommended morning supplements: Mineralyze, Omegalyze, and Juice Plus. By 6:30 she’s got the kids out of bed and the house is awake. Breakfast is cooking and it’s about that time to shuttle the little ones off to school.