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A Light That Never Goes Out: An Interview with Zach Merkel

Zachworld of bodybuilding is changing. We are living in a moment in time that could simply be described as 'a change of the guard.' When I first heard about Zach Merkel it was because of the buzz created by his GoFundMe campaign.


Battle of the Gurus - Who Will Emerge Victorious?

BattleOfGuruWhoever said that 'bodybuilding is a sport of one,' clearly had no idea what they were talking about. Much like a boxer relies on his corner, a bodybuilder depends on his team. This unit usually consists of a trainer, a nutritionist, and a supplement expert. As the physiques in our sport have evolved, so too have the people that work with these elite level athletes.


Palumbo's Solution to Bodybuilding's Cutbacks

WhyCutSlideWhy Cut Back? I can’t take credit for this iconic saying. No, it was actually Muscular Development’s very own Steve Blechman who uttered those famous three words first. Little did he know, when he texted that jingoistic war cry to Chris Aceto late last year, that he would in fact be answering his own question way sooner than expected.


MD Drops Another Superstar Bodybuilder

ComptonSlideArnold Classic champion Jose Raymond, 3x NPC Teen Nationals & 2015 NPC Mr. USA Cody Montgomery, and now... 2015 Arnold Classic 2nd runner-up Justin Compton are all at the top of their game, and all have been let go by a magazine that claims to be the premier bodybuilding publication in the industry.



PriestLoydFeuds generally start from misunderstandings. Words are exchanged, animosity grows, and eventually, there's a breakdown in communication. Once the parties stop talking, othe


In Defense of the NPC - A Response to Marc Lobliner


MarcSlideWe all love the internet. It's a great technology that gives everyone a voice. News, contest coverage, and lively message boards are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg; however, the internet also gives shelter to people looking to defame and malign others. If a writer penned a slanderous article for a newspaper or a libelous video was broadcast on a television station, you could rest assured that the wronged party would have his/her day in court.

Exclusive! Victor Martinez Photos 5 Days Out!

10792 53cb329653bea4972fe7c6b00f3857ab mWhat do you think?

Is Victor better than what he showed at the New York Pro ?

Does he have what it takes against a formidable lineup in Brazil ?