Hasan Banks Moving Forward!

Hasan Banks Moving Forward!


The amazing story of Nphoto 5PC Men’s Physique Competitor Hasan Banks began in 2009 when Hasan was diagnosed with a neurological disorder known as Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7 (SCAT-7), a disorder known to affect regions of the brain that control motor skills.

Individuals suffering from SCAT-7 develop issues that ultimately make walking, balancing, and maintaining coordination impossible. To date there is no known cure, and Hasan was told by his doctors that it wouldn’t be long before he would become wheelchair bound. What doctors didn’t know was that for Hasan, accepting a limited future was never an option.

After becoming frustrated and angry from not getting any answers from his doctors, Hasan looked into ways he could take a proactive approach to his condition. He began to learn that he needed to focus on the things that he could control, a decision that lead him to investigate how adopting a healthier lifestyle could assist him in his journey. 

Deciding to take an active approach to his health and make fitness a priority, Hasan developed an unrelenting desire to continue to push himself even further and began spreading the message that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Hasan then turned to bodybuilding as a means to keep pushing himself forward. As he continued his quest for knowledge,Hasan quickly became aware just how much is required to step onto a competitive bodybuilding stage. In 2012 he began competing in an attempt to fulfill his dream and to continue pushing himself even further.

Although he could have easily sat back and complained about the hand he’d been dealt, Hasaninstead realized that his higher power would never give him more than he could handle, and sitting around feeling sorry for himselfwould be a waste of precious time and valuable energy.

In 2012 Hasan’s life changed yet again following the birth of his son, an event that only further fueled his determination to train harder, become stronger, and continue to define his life on his own terms – not allowing himself to be defined by a diagnosis. 

More important than stepping on stage, life now revolved around staying hephoto 4 (2)althy and mobile so that he not only would he be able to watch his son grow, he would be able to take part in all of the normal activities that a father does with his son.

Over the past several months Hasan has added muscle and improved his balance and coordination. Now Hasan is able to be active and play with his son and no longer allows frustration to get the best of him. He's become a happier, healthier husband to Cynthia, his loving wife and the mother of theirson.

Hasan refused to sit back and be complacent. Instead of making excuses about why he couldn’t do something, he decided to take action. Hasan took his future into his own hands. Hasan obviously didn’t ask for this disorder and he realizes that he can’t change his diagnosis, but he’s determined to put his best foot forward and never give up. 

He plans to continue his fitness journey with the support of his family, and his new team (Team GIAFIT) under the guidance of his coach Jason Giardino with the goal of one day earning his IFBB Pro Card.

Whether Hasan earns his Pro Card or not is uncertain but if there’s is one thing we can be certain of it’s that Hasan will continue to make improvements to his physique and continue to spread Ataxia awareness with the hope of motivating his fellow athletes and others with disabilities along the way.


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