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"Transgendered Athletes - Overcoming Adversity"

Chloie"Transgendered Athletes - Overcoming Adversity"


Some things in life are simple. Other things may appear to be cut-and-dried on the surface, but are actually far more complex than you think. In order to have a fighting chance of understanding, appreciating, and perhaps even learning something from this article, the reader needs to have an open mind. Today's topic is 'Transgendered Athletes in Competitive Sports' – an increasingly pertinent subject in today's collegiate, amateur, and professional level sports. 



Dave Palumbo Last Interview With IFBB PRO Vince Comerford!

HeavyMuscle04-01-13FCDave Palumbo Last Interview With Vince Comerford! 

Vince Comerford passed away today (4/11/14) Sad news in the world of bodybuilding. Here at RxMuscle we bring you his last interview on Heavy Muscle Radio

with Dave Palumbo. May he Rest In Peace. The Original Blonde Myth.




Vince Comerford Dies at 52!

VinceNewHorrific news out of Die Hard Gym in Peoria, Az. . . according to gym owner Timothy Sparkes, IFBB Pro Vince Comerford passed away today at the facility around 2:30 pm.


SEASON OF THE EXPERTS: 2014 Season Premiere

orlandoSEASON OF THE EXPERTS: 2014 Season Premiere 


Join in this season premiere of the 2014 RX “Season of the Experts” and see what our panel of bodybuilding experts has to say about 10 of the upcoming IFBB-pro shows and the competitor’s abilities to place in on the top 10-list.

The panel will analyze and judge the competitors physiques and make a prediction where they think the athletes will place among a group of 10. The experts will compete against each other and will have their own scorecard. After the show they will win points for every correct answer and this will be registered and counted together.

Between the shows we will see how the experts stand in their point rankings and hopefully at the end of 2014 we will have our own "Season of the Expert’s winner.

 May the best man win! 


RX Muscle: Building for the Future on a Foundation of Excellence

strengthRX Muscle: Building for the Future on a Foundation of Excellence

Every strong building needs a great foundation to stand on.  At Rx Muscle Dave Palumbo has always built his team strong, with the ability to grow and change as needed. The time has come again for Rx Muscle to welcome two new leaders to its team. Curt James and Mike Johnston are not new to any of us who have followed or been around RX Muscle for years, but the responsibilities and jobs they have now taken have changed slightly as RX Muscle continues to build and grow.


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