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The Law of Opportunity

michael-jordan (3)The Law of Opportunity

If we were to look at the top athletes in the sport and single out a reason for why particular individuals have been able to outperform the rest of the field I believe that the general consensus would be genetics. We would conclude that the athletes at the head of the class happened to be blessed with the right set of parents that allowed them to hit the genetic lottery – that they are genetic outliers.


Team GAT's AB-Solutely Sexy Contest


Winter might be here, but Team GAT is turning up the heat with our all new AB-Solutely Sexy Contest!


Calling All Champions – Check Out MyOatmeal.com

myoatmeal-pic1Calling All Champions – Check Out MyOatmeal.com

Working for a few years as a writer and reporter in the fitness industry, I've learned a few important lessons. I've organized and promoted fitness seminars, conducted hundreds of interviews, and recorded dozens of various clips and features. In that time, it's become quite clear to me that everyone in this business – namely athletes – is starving for recognition from the judges and cash.


"Los Cinco - Tres Olimpias y Dos Amenazas"

JayCutler"Los Cinco - Tres Olimpias y Dos Amenazas"

El deporte del fisicoculturismo está viviendo uno de sus mejores momentos. Como aficionado, estámos presenciando algunos de los mejores eventos de todos los tiempos. En estos momentos, hay tres Mr. Olympias compitiendo activamente (2008 Mr. Olimpia Dexter Jackson, 3x campeón Phil Heath, y campeón 4x Jay Cutler). Aunque Jackson y Cutler son "cada vez mayores", ninguno de los dos se jubilará pronto. ¿Por qué habrían de hacerlo?! Ambos están haciendo muy bien económicamente, ganando nuevos fans y patrocinios entre más tiempo compiten. Phil Heath es el campeón joven, con excelente genética y un deseo de siempre lograr laexcelencia. Él, mejor que nadie, entiende que con el fin de contener a Cutler y Jackson, él siempre tiene que venir 100% al escenario.


Another Round With Alcohol & Muscle, V 2.0!

ResistanceTrainingAnother Round With Alcohol & Muscle, V 2.0!
By Anders J Eskilsson

I’m squeezing myself through people to reach the crowded bar. Meanwhile really loud house music is blasting in the background and multi-colored spotlights are flashing all over the place.

Finally I have reached my goal. The bartender greets me with, “Hi! What can I help you with?” “One Long Island Iced Tea, please,” I reply. "Sure! No problem, coming up!" I think better of my order, “No, no, wait. Make it a shot of Jägermeister, also. No, no make it three!”


Professional – Are you willing to do what it takes?

JayCutler-MD-Bernal-473Professional – Are you willing to do what it takes?

For everyone who’s ever picked up a ball, a barbell, or competed at a high level in any sport, we’ve fantasized about what it would be like to become a professional. We pour every last ounce of our energies into training, make sacrifices like we imagine the pros do, and go to sleep dreaming of seeing our names burn in the bright lights as we compete on the big stage.


A Farewell to 'The Giant'

Greg22A Farewell to 'The Giant'

On November 25, 2013, the sport of bodybuilding lost a great hero in IFBB Pro Greg Kovacs, who passed as a result of a heart attack. As with Nasser, I'm grateful that the rabid mainstream media hasn't taken hold of this tragedy to rally against the sport, especially because they'll do so without a scintilla of evidence most of the time.


Breaking 400: A Tribute to Greg Kovacs!

KovacsGregI remember it like it was yesterday.  The year was 1993.  Dorian Yates marched onto the stage at the NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States weighing a mind-boggling 285lbs.  His back was so thickly muscled that it looked like it belonged to an alien from a science fiction movie.


Posing Trunks in Paris

image (2)Posing Trunks in Paris

On a recent segment of Ask Dave on the Heavy Muscle Radio show Dave was asked, “Do you think more mainstream exposure is good for the sport of bodybuilding?” In comparison to mainstream sports and the public and mainstream media perception of bodybuilding, saying bodybuilding is viewed as a fringe sport is like saying Charlie Sheen has a drinking problem – it’s a major understatement.