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Is It The 90s All Over Again? Comparing Today’s Champs With Those of Yesteryear!

'99 OIs It The 90s All Over Again? Comparing Today’s Champs With Those of Yesteryear!

By Geoff Roberts

Bodybuilding fans, particularly older bodybuilding fans, have been comparing the bodybuilders of the 90s with the athletes of today to no end in recent years. Most, if not all of these fans agree that the general competitiveness as well as talent of the athletes was far superior in the past.


FMG Signs IFBB Bikini Pro Amanda Latona!

September 12, 2013

It is with great pleasure that Fitness Management Group announces the signing of 8-Time IFBB Professional League Bikini Overall Champion AMANDA LATONA!
There really isn’t a lot we can say about Amanda Latona that most of you don’t already know especially with her status in the industry and all the fitness magazine covers she has graced, from FLEX Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers and many others. She broke through the NPC Bikini division by winning her class at the 2009 NPC California State Bikini Championships and followed that up by winning the NPC Los Angeles Bikini Championships and qualified for the IFBB Professional League by winning her class in the 2009 NPC USA Bikini Championships. The most recent of her IFBB Professional League victories was the 2013 Greater Gulf States Pro Bikini.


Is Commercialism Draining The Passion Of Gym Culture?

70-s-Bodybuilding-Serge-Nubret-au-Gold-Gym-avec-Bill-Grant-et-Mike-KatzIs Commercialism Draining The Passion Of Gym Culture?

We have a flourishing fitness industry these days and that includes bodybuilding.  New IFBB and NPC divisions like Men’s and Women’s Physique, Bikini and also Figure are gaining great popularity and publicity in the United States. New interesting competitors for both men and woman are stepping on stage – coming from all the corners of the world. 


The Making of a Guru

aceto-1989-collegiate-americaThe Making of a Guru
By Chris Aceto

Nearly every show I have attended over the past two years, I have run into so many brothers of “bro-science” or fellow “gurus”… from gym rats to college educated biology majors whose passion is to prep bodybuilders for competition.


BIG RAMY Teams Up with GAT!

Big Ramy Teams Up With GAT

-- German American Technologies (GAT), maker of the immensely popular and clinically studied NITRAFLEX® pre-workout, today proudly announces the signing of IFBB professional bodybuilder Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

In what may be a world record for gaining muscle, Big Ramy achieved celebrity status amongst bodybuilding fans and workout enthusiasts after gaining more than 100lbs (36 kg) of lean muscle mass with just three years of training. Standing 5’ 9” (175 cm), Big Ramy currently tops the scales at an eye-popping 311 lbs (141 kg). In November 2012, the 28-year-old Egyptian athlete won the overall title at the 2012 Amateur Olympia and an invitation to compete in the 2013 Mr. Olympia contest.  Later in May of this year Big Ramy, in his first professional event, won the coveted IFBB New York Pro.


1971 Mr America and 3x IFBB Pro title holder Casey Viator has died at the age of 62

casey11971 Mr America and 3x IFBB Pro title holder Casey Viator has died at the age of 62, on his birthday (September 4th).  Viator was found face down at his home in Clearwater, Florida by longtime girlfriend, Cheryl Harris.  While an autopsy is imminent, Harris believes his death was the result of a heart attack.  According to Harris, Viator had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and early congestive heart disease several years ago and, as of late, he had not seen his cardiologist to renew all his prescriptions. Whether this contributed to his death is unclear at this time.


Bodybuilding’s Bandwagon Fans Fill The Bleachers?

571673c8872f90738d02d4da991aa82bBodybuilding’s Bandwagon Fans Fill The Bleachers?

By Geoff Roberts

Bandwagon fans are a never-ending plague within the sports world, a constant pestilence to any true sports fan. The majority of the time bandwagon fans will love and follow a particular team or athlete only while they are on top or at least doing very well. 


What if Arnold Schwarzenegger Was At His Peak Today?

adsfadWhat if Arnold Schwarzenegger Was At His Peak Today?
By Geoff Roberts

As we rapidly approach the 2013 Mr. Olympia contest I cannot help but ponder something I have been discussing with other bodybuilding fans for years. How would Arnold Schwarzenegger do at this year’s Mr. Olympia contest or in modern times in general, assuming he was born in the mid-1980s? This would put the Austrian Oak in his bodybuilding prime going into this year’s show!


The Death of Swedish Bodybuilding?

dfdfThe Death of Swedish Bodybuilding?

By Anders Ando Eskilsson

This article is taking a closer look at how the new and more restrictive laws for both using and selling anabolic steroids (AAS) affects the bodybuilding scene in Sweden.


The Effects of NSAIDs on Muscle Growth

musclekidThe Effects of NSAIDs on Muscle Growth

Each and every time we head for a workout (gym or otherwise), we want to make improvements.  I don't know too many people working out who aren't trying on some level to get better, whether it be a better physique, better health or better performance in a sport.  Better muscle = Better physique, better health and better performance!  Therefore, at least some of your workout time is dedicated to developing muscle, even if you don't think so.  


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