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RX Muscle: Building for the Future on a Foundation of Excellence

strengthRX Muscle: Building for the Future on a Foundation of Excellence

Every strong building needs a great foundation to stand on.  At Rx Muscle Dave Palumbo has always built his team strong, with the ability to grow and change as needed. The time has come again for Rx Muscle to welcome two new leaders to its team. Curt James and Mike Johnston are not new to any of us who have followed or been around RX Muscle for years, but the responsibilities and jobs they have now taken have changed slightly as RX Muscle continues to build and grow.


Breaking News! Wrestling icon The Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54

UW-FCBreaking News! Wrestling Icon The Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54






WWE: Wrestlemania 30 Report

image002WWE: Wrestlemania 30 Report

New Orleans LA

Mercedes Benz Superdome

Attendance – 75,167 a Superdome record!


The Main Event

Triple Threat Title Match

Champion Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan



A Time to Bloom: Farewell Sally Ann Taylor & Bryan Hildebrand

615914 10151153212048260 1471806794 oA Time to Bloom: Farewell Sally Ann Taylor & Bryan Hildebrand

 As Spring arrives, flowers bloom and so does RX  As the website grows and evolves, the Rx Muscle staff is following suit.  Sally Ann Taylor has worked for RX Muscle since its infancy.  Over the course of time, she had many responsibilities and held many positions as the site blossomed into what you see today. 


The Term "Illegal" — Dehumanizing Immigrants



Xenophobia is alive and well. It's hatred and/or fear of foreigners. Ever hear people talk about how 'they're taking our job' or 'they're ruining our economy’? "They" are the outsiders, the scapegoats on whom the blame rests for all the mistakes and all entire downfall of a society. For the Nazis it was the Jews, for Germans today it’s the Turks, for the Italians it's the Albanians, for the Russians it's the immigrants of the poor, former Soviet republics, and for us… it's "illegal immigration." Although seemingly a general term, most Americans when presented with the term "illegal immigration" (or just "illegal") think of Latin Americans.  



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