Should Men and Women Train the Same Way? Why Not?


It always baffles me why some (retrainad most) people believe that men and women should train differently. “Guys should train 6-8 reps and mostly with weights, hitting bench and squats, while girls should stick to higher reps and exercises like cable cross-overs and lunges.” I say, that’s complete B.S.


Anatomically speaking men and women are very similar. We have bones, skeletal muscle and many of the same organs. Our bodies process food in the same manner and our skin reacts the same way to the sun. When it comes to bodybuilding (which covers all manners of physique transformation involving weight training), the biggest difference between men and women is testosterone. Testosterone is the anabolic hormone that allows men to build superior muscle mass to that of our sisters



Tips to a Successful Gaining / Bulking Diet


writingchallengebob-250Even though the summer is upon us, not everyone is getting beach ready, not everyone is trying to shed a few pounds on the beach, there are still going to be those who are trying to add some size and fill out their frame.





Wheels of Steel with 2014 NPC Pittsburgh Champ Jason Janov

wheelsofsteel-thumbAt the 2014 NPC Pittsburgh Championships, Jason Janov brought his mass construction project to the stage and was rewarded with the Heavyweight and Overall titles for his efforts. The Pittsburgh native rocked the house...


Kevin Ofurum Destroys Delts: Rx Muscle Exclusive

kevin1Summer is finally here and that means gym rats everywhere are ditching their smelly sweat-soaked hoodies in favor of short sleeves to show off what they’ve been busy building over what seemed to be a never-ending winter.


Lighter Load Training for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy

NatabsLighter Load Training for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy

By Vic Tringali M.S. CSCS

Intensity or “load” in the context of research is defined as a percentage of 1 repetition max (RM) and represents the number of repetitions that can be performed with a given weight or resistance. Intensity has been shown to impact muscle hypertrophy and is a significantly important variable in a resistance training protocol.


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