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Best Short Man Crossword Puzzle!

DDICrosswordEnjoy this Crossword Puzzle that refers to
competitors in our Danny Devito
Invitational. If you have been
following the contest, then many
of the clues below were mentioned
in the character bios or posted
comments. They may be listed here
by first name, last name, nickname
or any combination of the above.


The Ole' Double Whammy!

Weak bodyparts?  No problem.  This "one-two punch" for correcting muscle imbalances is simple and effective!

His eyes glanced away for just a second, and that was all I needed.

I darted through the doorway without a sound, trying to make myself invisible. Instantly adopting the gait and carriage of someone that belonged there, I switched from the condition of sharpened alertness I needed outside the door to a calm, composed state of being. "Blend" - that is the key and, I have to modestly admit, I was a master chameleon.


Iron Subculture #3: Namat, Rychlak, Storch, and Dreimann

2008Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat; sometimes it just REALLY pisses him off.

Like many of you, I enjoy checking out hardcore warehouse gyms and independent physique-centric nutrition stores. On this occasion, I wish I hadn't made a hopeful detour into one particular store since it only served to aggravate me for most of the day. We had some time to kill so I had my girlfriend pull her car into the lot of a nutrition store we drove past so I could check it out.


Nitrean From AtLargeNutrition!

NitreanThere are certainly enough protein supplements on the market.  So much so that the question that begs to be asked is, do we really need another one? Well, I think we do, for a couple of reasons.  First, variety. While I'm sure someone will insist they have used the same protein supplement for the last 20 years, most of us switch around.  I think one of the primary reasons for this among the top row of proven protein supplements is taste. Flavor systems vary to an incredible degree.  Chocolate, for example, would seem like a pretty standard flavor, but, in reality, I've never tasted two brands of chocolate protein powder that tasted the same.  I have, however, discovered some versions of chocolate that were absolutely delicious as well as some that were positively repellent.


The Biz: The History of Protein Powders!

ChampionHvywtGnrIt all began with barbells, weights, and dumbbells. Joe and Ben Weider's I, Brute Enterprises decided to square off against Bob Hoffman's York Barbell for the lucrative weightlifting equipment business. With commercial gyms being a rare luxury and weight training still largely being viewed as a subversive activity, home gyms were the only option for most muscle wannabes.



A Tale of Two Mid-Cities!

If you're in the New York area-- specifically "The City"-- you don't have a lot to choose from when it comes to good, old-fashion, hardcore gyms.  That is, unless you want to leave the island. . . and that can be a pretty daunting task for most folks.  Once you're in Manhattan you just don't want to have to leave and go to another borough, for anything; let alone working out.


Jeff King's Animal Leg Training!

JKing02"Of all the bodybuilders you've worked with, who showed the greatest potential?"

Without hesitating, Bob Gruskin replied, "Jeff King." He also tells me that Jeff was one of the hardest training athletes he's worked with (although Defendis takes the top spot there).

It's rare for potential and work ethic to meet in one lifter, which is why there are so few men like Yates or Coleman. The third ingredient "luck" was the one factor Jeff King lacked. His untimely rise in the turbulent politic waters of bodybuilding kept him from capitalizing on the other two traits.


HCGenerate: Super Post Cycle Therapy Supplement from NeedToBuildMuscle.com!

HCGenerateHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) has become a staple in post cycle steroid therapy.  Unfortunately, lately, HCG  has become almost impossible for most people to get. FDA and DEA crackdowns have many people scared shitless to order from overseas pharmacies (even if they did carry HCG). Most domestic underground labs don't carry HCG and the ones that do charge an arm and a leg for it.  This has left a huge hole in steroid cycles and post cycle therapy. And has left many in our community scrambling like crazy to get it.


Is Nerve Impingement Syndrome Slowing your Recovery Rate?

NerveNerve Impingement Syndrome (NIS) is caused by the misalignment of a joint, which can occur for a number of reasons, including incorrect exercise, a sports or repetitive motion injury, even stress or a poor diet. This misalignment is known medically as a Subluxation and it can not only affect your ability to recover from workouts it can:





The Hardcore Twelve!

Hrdcr12SmThe sports of powerlifting, bodybuilding and strongman competition seem to attract a colorful crowd. With literally millions of participants and a monthly carousel of athletes being profiled in each of the multitude of monthly muscle and strength magazines, a handful of athletes have stood out over the past three decades. They stand out for their trailblazing lifting, their unique personalities and their dominance of the competition. All were driven by their hunger to be bigger and stronger. Most importantly, each of these iron icons stands out because of their ability to inspire us. For this reason, we call them... THE HARDCORE 12!


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