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The Best Protein Source

Wondering what your best source of protein is? Walk into any health food store, and you’re bowled over by the amazing array of protein choices. If science is the arbiter of your protein choice, then clearly whey protein should be at the top of your list and the main one you take in. We all know that whey is a fast anabolic protein, getting into your bloodstream quickly. Other special properties of whey make it the crème de la crème of proteins.

Recently, scientists compared whey and casein formulas on glutathione and inflammatory markers in aged patients with acute ischemic stroke. Yep, they’re giving it to folks who have had a stroke. Makes you wonder what all the fuss is about when teenage athletes want to take whey. Anyhow, 31 elderly patients—12 males and 19 females, 65 to 90 years old—with ischemic stroke were randomized to receive early nasogastric feeding of a formula containing hydrolyzed casein or another isocaloric and isonitrogenous formula containing hydrolyzed whey protein for five days. What happened?


How to Optimize Testosterone Levels Through Training and Nutrition

testosteroneOptimizeI find that optimization of testosterone is an extremely significant topic with regard to all males, whether they are high-level athletes, average men, or even young males in their teens and 20's.   Anyone who is concerned with their health and performance, both mentally and physically, should take note.




Chris Aceto Explains Nutrition Myths that Won't Go Away!

fad-diets-1I know a lot of RX readers like shorter nutrition pieces, so here’s a quick one for today. I get a lot of questions from people who are confused on a lot of smaller nutrition matters. As a result, I thought I would try to squash some popular nutrition myths.


Chris Aceto's Best Ways to Control Appetite!

RippedEverywhere you look in physical culture there is some diet strategy to get ripped or shredded. Look to the cover of magazines and they all make ludicrous promises of doing less cardio while eating more carbs to lose weight. Alternatively, the magazine covers will contain the phrase RIPPED (insert bodypart here). When you turn to the section in the magazine that contains the secret to ripped “whatevers”, it inevitably contains some combination of less cardio, less carbs, higher protein or less fat.



Chris Aceto's "The Training Edge"!

ClaudeVanDamMy passion is nutrition and Rx Muscle readers, IFBB Pros and my colleagues know that. Typically, I don’t write too much about training because I find nutrition so much more interesting. Joe Weider, in the late 1980’s, told me to keep writing nutrition articles – so I did. I knew Joe wouldn’t “give me the wrong advices.” He always wanted to save training articles for the IFBB Pros to write. It was for those two reasons you rarely saw a training article written by me. Joe knew that the public wanted the big-time bodybuilders to explain how they grow and lift that heavy-ass weight; while people like me delivered the diet stuff. He always used to tell me, “Chris, explain the stuff to the readers in a way that they can understand it. Pretend you are talking to kindergarteners”


Chris Aceto: University Nutritionist or Guru?

If you have heard Dave and I ramble on Heavy Muscle Radio, you know I am a fan of the show, The Apprentice. As much as I may love the show, I have to admit that I thought the Trumpster was an idiot to have questioned Obama’s birth certificate. Ultimately, Obama produced it and Trump tried to save face by making outlandish claims. What he said was so dumb, I deleted it from my memory. Regardless, he looked like a goof. My favorite season of The Apprentice was the season that featured a team of “book smart” individuals against “street smart” people. It was a classic match-up, university education versus street education. The goal was to discover who was more business savvy, those who have learned about business or those who have lived business.



Bodybuilder Medicine, Volume 6: Alternative Treatments for Musculoskeletal issues

ActiveReleaseThere are several alternative avenues of treatment that offer relief from many recurrent or lingering musculoskeletal issues other than mainstream medical treatments. The following is a list of alternative treatments that have specific benefits to individuals carrying above average amounts of muscle mass.



Chris Aceto's Extreme Dieting Program!

ScaleExtreme dieting is where a bodybuilder tries to get in shape as fast as possible, in the shortest time frame possible. There is no instance where I recommend extreme dieting. For maximum muscle retention, it's always best to take a patient and longer approach to dieting. It is for this reason that I advocate the 12-14 week contest prep. The longer you take to drop weight, the more body fat you will lose and the more muscle mass you will retain. However, for many reasons, bodybuilders occasionally have to get in shape in a very short period of time



Chris Aceto's 50-50 Rotational Plan

xtreme-fat-loss-diet-2Ripped to the bone, peeled, cut up and shredded. These are all different labels to describe the ultimate goal in bodybuilding; to discard unwanted body fat while maintaining the most muscle mass possible. The foundation upon which contests are won is the mantra of the caloric deficit. Of course, this deficit is caused by training, cardio and eating less calories. Every bodybuilder has figured that out. However, the caveat that most bodybuilders miss is that just watching calories or following the same diet all the time eventually fails. Plateaus are stubborn roadblocks where body fat seems to cling no matter how hard you train, diet or restrict calories/carbs. It is not if, but when a plateau will occur and this is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating parts of contest prep. Speaking from experience, when people hit a plateau, fat loss stalls and people usually freak out and abandon the plan





Bodybuilder Medicine, Volume 5: M.U.A. (Manipulation Under Anesthesia)- A Treatment for Chronic Pain

MUA_HamstringMUA is a safe, proven treatment that has worked for thousands of patients over the last 50 years. Many people are not familiar with MUA, including doctors. MUA is not new and it is non-surgical. I have been certified in MUA since 2006, and have been the Lead MUA Physician at our Georgia Center for 3 years. We have treated over 350 patients in that time period. Those patients include several bodybuilders, rugby players, professional MMA fighters, professional football players, and a professional boxer. High level athletes respond well because a lot of their chronic, recurrent problems are from trauma from their sport/activity that results in scar tissue/adhesion within tendons/ligaments/muscles thereby restricting movement and function.