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Overuse Tendon Injuries in the Bodybuilder: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

BranchInjuryOveruse injuries. We've all encountered them. In fact, let's face it: it's a basic part of training if we're going to take it to the top and give it our all. Or is it?


Southland Performance Products' New Testosterone Booster: RECOURSE

RECOURSE (2)By now it's no secret that testosterone and muscle building go hand in hand. Sure you have to break your ass in the gym to stimulate muscle growth. However, if your test levels are in the tank, rest assured nothing is going to happen! That's why bodybuilders are always searching for strategies to drive testosterone levels up. They know that the more testosterone they have, the harder they can train and quicker they can recover.


Round Table Discussion on Dietary Fats for Bodybuilders!

I've come up with an idea for a little project that would allow more readers to easily sift through information and get a variety of perspectives on various bodybuilding subjects. Our first top will be Dietary Fats in a Bodybuilder's Arsenal. Each author was asked to write anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs on their experiences with fats and clients successes.


Over-Training: The Number One Detriment To Real Gains In Mass & Strength

Everybody has heard it at some time or another "You're over training! That's why you're not making serious gains". But, do we understand what it means? I mean really understand what it means? Once you understand how to keep your body fresh and free from over training, you'll make some serious mass/strength gains.


Greg Plitt Armed Workout Preview Video - GregPlitt.com


They say if it is not broken, don't fix it. Well, if it could be better, it is as good as broken." Get Armed for life as Greg leads you through a punishing arm workout guaranteed to unleash the growth while arming you with the mental toughness to blast through the obstacles life throws at you. True champions aren't satisfied with what is and never apologize for improving themselves. Complete this grueling arm workout and, not only will your biceps, triceps, and forearms explode with growth, but you'll build the confidence of a champion to take on the world.


IIFYM vs. Traditional Bodybuilding Diet

DietsYou've might have heard about this dieting technique on the boards, and if you haven't I will explain it. IIFYM stands for IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS. It has become very popular in the natural bodybuilding scheme of contest prep. I'm seeing more and more people catching on to this dieting method and using it in their own contest prep diets.


Balanced Blood Sugar Levels For New Fat-Free Muscle Mass

balance-scale-253x300Nutrition is sort of like a symphony. That is, getting bigger never boils down to "just one thing" like eating tons of protein or overdosing on maltodextrin or vitargo in the over-emphasized "post training window."


I Survived Training With Mr Intensity or Insanity Steve Michalik!

Michalik"Intensity or Insanity", this moniker coined by John Defendis and training method developed by Steve Michalik, has been written about, debated and misunderstood since its creation 40 years ago. In their day, the exploits of Michalik and his "Monster", Defendis, were legendary.


Cheat Days & The Most Common Question in Bodybuilding!

CheatsQUESTION #1: Chris, how many exercises do I have to do per body part?

If you are a personal trainer, bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast or just a guy that looks like he works out, chances are that you have been asked how many exercises to do for each body part.


5 Common Mistakes Made By Teen Bodybuilders!

codyToo many teens rely solely on gym training to get them in their desired shape. As important as training is in any fitness-related goal, the diet is what separates the comments from people that say "eh, you look good" to comments that exclaim, "HOLY S*** you look amazing!!" There are many reasons for teens having weak diets; this could be results of laziness, peer influence, lack of nutrition education, and many mental games such as "If I start dieting, I will get too small" or "dieting is only for fat people" or " I'm a genetic freak, I can eat whatever I want and still get ripped!"