2014 Arnold Classic Ms Figure International Written Review


2014 Ms Figure International Assessment and Placements

It was a battle for the top two placements but after a brief comparison, it became quite clear Candice Keene would walk away with the win.

Full Results

1. Candice Keene
2. Heather Dees 
3. Camala Rodriguez-McClure  
4. Ann Titone 
5. Candice Lewis 
6. Gennifer Strobo 
7. Alicia Coates 
8. Ava Cowan
9. Allison Frahn 
10. Amanda Doherty 
11. Dana Ambrose 
12. Elissa Martis 
13. Larissa Reis 
14. Karina Grau 
15. Giada Simari 
16. Natalie Waples 
17. Kati Alander  

Here Are Dave Palumbo's Assessment  - Link To Contest Gallery Here --> 2014 Contest Gallery

AVA COWAN: Best we’ve seen her in a while. Dynamite conditioning. Tiny waist. Detailed back. Great tan and abdominal detail in her physique

HEATHER DEES: 2nd here last year. Way tighter than at the Olympia. Super wide shoulders. Waist looks smaller. This might be the best we’ve seen her.
AMANDA DOHERTY: Tony Doherty’s wife. Best conditioning we’ve seen her in. Small waist. Great tan. Super rpped. She has ripped glutes (if she flexes). Very impressive

KARINA GRAU: super capped delts. Small waist . Nice sweepy legs.. but lower body can be a little tighter (especially in glutes)

DANA AMBROSE: great tan. Small waist. Nice taper. Very impressive structure. Delts are like canon balls

CANDICE LEWIS: One of the smallest waists in FIGURE…… crazy V-taper. Detailed abs. glutes can be a little harder. But amazing structure….one of the best
ALISSA MARTIS: won the NPC NATIONALS in 2013.. crazy back and taper. Super muscular

GEN STROBO: best we’ve seen her. Super lean……..but maybe a little flat. Capped delts. Excellent stage presence

LARISSA REIS: from Brazil. Best she’s been. Very muscular back. Dynamite legs. I’d still love to see her do womens physique division

CAMALA RODRIGUEZ: good muscularity…. Excellent back. I think her structure can be a little more pleasing. I’d like to see her waist come down

ALICA COATES: great tan, polished looking. Legs can be leaner

CANDICE KEENE: Reigning champ. Excellent conditioning … legs have great detail. Super wide back……glutes are tight. Will be very difficult to beat today..

ANN TITONE: won 3 pro shows last year. Small waist……ripped midsection. Great v-taper from back. Glutes are super right. Top 5 for sure

GIADA SIMARI: from ITALY. A little smaller than the other competitors. Conditioning is excellent. Great v-taper from behind

ALLISON FRAHN: she’s lean and very pretty……..but she might be a little flat. Standing a little awkwardly.

NATALIE WAPLES: best taper we’ve seen on her. Delts can be bigger and her conditioning can definitely be better

KATI ALANDER: popping delts. Good flaring quads. Back is detailed. Glutes are tight. Cute package.

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